Planning Tips
    Grades 6-8
    • All 8th graders should create a Individual Graduation Plan   
    • Middle School students will receive lessons pertaining to college and career planning (i.e. Bridge Bill Law, GAFutures.org, college tours).
    Grades 9-10
    • Students will receive advisement regarding step-by-step planning to navigate the college process 
    • Students will review their academic courses, GPA, and class rank and discuss all factors that contribute to college admission decisions.
    • Students will be encouraged to search for summer jobs and internships that develop workplace habits and soft skills (non-cognitive skills), and that connect academic curriculum to careers.
    • Student will be encouraged to sign up for college mailings, email forums, virtual campus tours, and social media groups to receive institution updates.
    • Students will be encouraged to start planning early if they are interested in military academies.  
    • Students and families will be invited to attend parent nights with college financial aid officers to help families develop a college financial plan.
    • Students will receive advisement on dual enrollment procedures and requirements.
    • Students take career interest surveys and research educational requirements.
    Grades 11-12 
    • Students are encouraged to begin with the end in mind.
    • Students and families will be provided tools and resources to assist in communication with families, including newsletters, email websites, testing, and automated call outreach.
    • Students will be able to receive information regarding access to testing practice tools and create a personalized study plan.
    • Students will be assisted in choosing college majors and other postsecondary/career options.

     Service/Military Academy Information

    Start planning early for military academies. For more information click here.

    Adapted from www.collegeboard.org