• The High School Advisement Guide outlines graduation requirements specified by the Georgia Department of Education and Henry County Public Schools, providing comprehensive information for student planning. This guide should be used by students, counselors, administrators, teachers, and parents/guardians to help prepare students plan a four-year program and identify post-secondary goals. Long-range planning does not mean that choices are permanent. As future goals change and are refined, the high school program may be adjusted. It is important that students plan courses of study to leave open as many options as possible and allow the flexibility for change. 

     The advisement program will consist of:

    • Individual meetings to determine potential college and career interests (Goal Setting)
    • Academic advisement for course selection (Individual Graduation Plan - IGP)
    • Social and emotional supports
    • Core Curriculum Lessons
    • College/Career exploration
    • Student surveys/assessments
    • Complete Bridge Bill Activities
    • Each school year the counselor (s) will provide information on the Dual Enrollment program (formerly MOWR) as prescribed by Option B (formerly SB 2/SB132)

     Click here to access the High School Advisement Guide