In the late nineteenth century in the northeastern part of Henry County, a community school named Union Grove Academy opened its doors. In 1904 the Academy’s board of directors petitioned the county to accept it as a public school. The school thrived for several decades, but after the disastrous boll weevil invasion and consequent hard times, 25% of the area’s population moved away. In 1945 the school closed. Fifty-five years later Union Grove High School opened its doors in 2000 with a small student body of 801. The fourth high school opened by the Henry County School System in modern times, it chose as its mascot the Wolverine, with school colors of burgundy and silver.
            Union Grove High School opened its doors in August 2000 in conjunction with neighboring East Lake Elementary and Union Grove Middle School. Built in close proximity to the original Union Grove School, Union Grove High School initially served over eight hundred students with a faculty of forty-five. As a comprehensive, public, suburban high school located approximately thirty miles south of Atlanta, it was the fourth traditional high school to be opened in Henry County. Since 2000, Union Grove High School has seen the student population rise to over 2,100 students and a faculty and staff of over 175 professional and classified members.

             Since 2000, Union Grove High School has excelled in its commitment to education by placing students in the forefront of daily life. Currently, Union Grove High School encompasses grades nine through twelve offering a fully comprehensive curriculum. While the school emphasizes academic excellence, students are offered a full complement of extra-curricular and co-curricular programs that have excelled at the local, state, national and international levels. Such successes at Union Grove High have enabled the students to fulfill the vision of creating interpersonal and technological skills that will ensure future successes.

          Today Union Grove is home to over 1600 students and over 150 faculty and support staff. Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the school staff is proud that it has had students accepted at 140 different colleges, universities, and technical schools including Harvard, Vassar, Emory, Stanford, Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia. It has also had students accepted at the United States Air Force Academy and the United States Naval Academy. Union Grove was recently recognized by the Washington Post as one of America’s Most Challenging High Schools. Union Grove was also recognized as a Top AP School. Union Grove High School is the only school in Henry County Schools to be named an AP Merit school by the College Board. Union Grove was also named by the College Board as an AP STEM and AP Honor School. Additionally, the school traditionally has the largest number of students of all Henry County schools participating in the state Governor’s Honors program. In addition to its strong curriculum and student support system, Union Grove offers students the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports activities including football, basketball, lacrosse, gymnastics and wrestling along with many others for a total of 18 sports opportunities. There are also more than 30 co-curricular and extra-curricular clubs available. These include honor societies such as the National Honor Society and the National Science Honor Society, as well as areas of student interest such as the Fishing Club and the Guitar Club. Staff club sponsors and coaches use these opportunities to build strong relationships with their students and increase school spirit.              

       While all stakeholders have had an impact on the success of Union Grove High School, the faculty and staff have probably had the greatest contribution. With the aim to increase the knowledge and skills of the students, the vision consists of increasing the abilities of the students in the areas of mathematics, English, art, science, social studies, foreign language, career tech, health and physical education, and human performing arts. The faculty and staff have set high standards not only for each student but also for themselves as well. These standards include creating a quality-learning environment that will enhance and complement the school’s community. It is the belief of all stakeholders that the school’s vision will foster growth to develop the self-esteem of each student and that each student will develop into a responsible, courageous citizen. Through mutual respect and understanding, each student can improve the quality of life in humankind.

                    Despite such a short existence, Union Grove High School has achieved much recognition for its successes. Union Grove High School received the America’s Best Schools recognition award from U.S. News & World Report as well as making the Washington Post’s American’s Most Challenging High School list. Other successes included being named one of the Top 20 Public High Schools by Atlanta Magazine, as well as being recognized as a AP Merit, AP STEM and AP STEM Achievement School. Union Grove High School’s other achievements include numerous county and region championships in athletics, literary team state champions, representative in the international science fair, national recognition of Skills USA students, the largest number of students of all county schools participating in the state Governor’s Honors program, a nationally recognized NJROTC unit, multiple awards in the fine arts, a meeting and/or exceeding local and state averages on the Georgia Milestones Assessments, and numerous presentations by faculty members at local, state, and national conventions.

                    Union Grove High School is also well served by parent and community organizations. Parents serve as volunteers, community coaches, and representatives of the School Advisory Council. The partner in Education program continues to donate considerable physical and monetary resources to help support academic and recognition programs within the school.

                    Union Grove High School has and will continue to meet the ever-changing demands of its students and community. You are invited to meet our family, to know our school, and to experience our desire for success. Welcome to Union Grove High School.


    Ryan Meeks


    Union Grove High School

Last Modified on October 13, 2023