• DMS Guidance and Counseling Services
    Middle students face several changes (both physically and emotionally) and become more aware of problems that they have to deal with. As students continue to develop into adolescents/teenagers, they may experience concerns that include:
    • friendship, 
    • conflict resolution, 
    • self-esteem, 
    • self-control, 
    • grief and loss, 
    • family changes, 
    • academic success, 
    • career awareness,  
    • peer relations, and 
    • crisis 


    At Dutchtown Middle School, we strive to meet our students needs through:
    • Individual Counseling,
    • Small Group Counseling,
    • Classroom Guidance,
    • Parent/Teacher Consultations,
    • Crisis Interventions, and 
    • Several school-wide programs implemented throughout the school year
    We are also able to provide adequate referrals if it is determined that another resource is more appropriate for your child's needs. Please feel free to ask us about additional resources when necessary. 
    When either registering your child to our school or withdrawing, our department will assist in making a smooth transition. Registration can occur at anytime during regular school hours, but we do recommend that students begin their day with us as early as possible to help them adjust and get acclimated to Dutchtown. Please notify us within 24 hours if your child will be withdrawing from our school.