• Textbooks:

    9th grade - http://www.nexuslearning.net/books/holt_elementsoflit-3/

    10th grade - http://www.nexuslearning.net/books/elements_of_lit_course4/
    11th grade - http://www.nexuslearning.net/books/elements_of_lit_course5/
    12th grade - http://www.nexuslearning.net/books/elements_of_lit_course6/

    Reading/Writing Workshop

    For 9th  Literature

    The story is you.  Man tells the story so many times that he  becomes the story.  The story lives on after him, and he becomes immortal.

     I would like to baptize myself under a new name, a name more like the real me, the one nobody sees...Sandra Cisneros 
    Essential Questions:
    1.  What do the stories of the past tell about us today?
    2.  Who am I?  
    3.  How do I construct a solid identify?
    4.  How much does family, heritage, and community determine who we are?
    5.  Can we , or should we, shed our culture/traditions? 

    This class will focus on the theme of Who Am I. The first half of the semester, we will review the basic genres of literature and read The Odyssey or Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan .  The second half of the semester, we will read the novel House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros.

    The class will be set up in a reading/writing workshop with specific assignments that must be completed with the reading.

    Reading Journal - You will keep a reading journal of your notes from the book (Competency 1).  In your journal, you can use any note taking system that you like (Cornell notes, poem, song, draw picture, flow chart, mind mapping, outlining). 

    Literature Group - After we read in class, we will work in a literature group to speak about the novel (competency 4). 

    Research - Next, you will need to write two essays:  an informational and a persuasive essay.  Before writing, you will need to research.  Research will include picking the topic/thesis, choosing your sources, validating your sources, brainstorming ideas and questions, taking notes, and creating an outline. You will need to meet with me to receive approval on your topics for these essays.  Also, the essays must include a works cited page and at least three (3) internal citations each.  Research will include using three sources (of course, one of the resources is the book).  You will need to complete an annotated bibliography and a works cited page.  Three internal citations must be in the essay or it will not be graded. (Competency 3)

    Research Papers – You will write two essays:  one informational essay and one persuasive essay.  They will be typed, 12 point font, in MLA style.  (Competency 2 and 6)

    Presentations - You will present your book that last two weeks of the semester and talk about what you have learned through reading and writing (Competency 5)

    Throughout the semester, we will take a break from the reading/writing workshop to have lessons on propaganda, current events, etc. 









    Week 1

    Basics – Syllabus, MLA Header for all papers, Noredink, Quizlet, Get their emails and parents emails, Gmails,


    Week 2

    Read; Take notes in journals; Literature groups


    Week 3

    Read; Take notes in journals; Literature groups


    Week 4

    How to research and write an essay week


    Week 5

    Write essay 1


    Week 6

    Write essay 1


    Week 7



    Week 8



    Week 9

    Write essay 2


    Week 10

    Write essay 2


    Week 11

    Current events


    Week 12

    Current events


    Week 13



    Week 14



    Week 15



    Week 16

    Study for finals


    Week 17

    Study for finals


    Week 18







    Grades - Grades will be based on the six competencies for English (defined by the State of Georgia and Henry County District).  The six competencies are:

    Competency 1                     Analyzing                  30%

    Competency 2                     Writing                     

    Competency 3                     Research

    Competency 4                     Collaboration

    Competency 5                     Speaking

    Competency 6                     Language


    Materials Needed

    ·        Journal

    ·        Folder

    ·        Paper

    ·        Pencil



    As we are a technology school and use laptops in our classroom, I do want to reiterate that there is no need for cell phones, earbuds, Ipods, or any other form of technology in the room.  In the past several years, I have found that these devices are counterproductive to my students and create an unnecessary temptation.  As parents have learned over the past several years, there is a dark side to technology.  This dark side can lead to bullying, cheating, sexual issues, and many other forms of distractions.  We are a wireless school and do our best to block inappropriate sites, social media, etc., but our children are savvy users and can find ways to access this information quicker than we can always shut them down.  Please...Please...help me enforce the rules for the safety, security, and a positive learning environment of our children here at Hampton. 
    Please note :  Research has proven that electronics, including phones, music, and video games are detrimental to learning.  As the students already have a learning disability, it is best that they are not distracted by these tools.  Thank you for all you do and for being positive role models for our future!