•  OHS Grading Practices 2019-2020

    In April 2019, the Henry County Board of Education approved policy IHA-Grading Systems to define Board expectations for the reporting of student progress toward mastery.  There are two versions of the policy based on when a cohort first enters the 9th grade.  An Administrative Regulation was created to address specific requirements to fulfill the intent of the policy.

    • Academic grades should only reflect the mastery of, or progression towards the mastery of standards.
    • Courses will be scheduled for semester instead of yearlong
    • Consistent Categories
      • Practice Work (40%): Can include but is not limited to: class work, homework, formative assessments, diagnostic assessments, written reflections
      • Assessment Tasks (40%): constructed response assessments, selected response assessments, reflective assessments, summative unit assessments, culminating performance tasks, benchmark assessments, unit projects
      • Semester Summative Assessment Task (20%): assesses the totality of standards for the semester or course. In the case of a high school course with an EOC, the semester assessment will be the EOC at the completion of the course.
    • Teachers must enter at least one (1) grade into the digital gradebook every week.
    • At least one (1) Assessment Task must be given every two weeks.
    • Common Formative Assessment requirements:
      • Weekly Common Formative Assessment for math, science, social studies
      • CFA every two weeks for English with writing component
    • Teachers will provide conduct grades for each student, each term.
    • Report Cards/Progress Reports
      • Interim Term Grades will be posted at 4 ½ weeks.
      • Report cards will be printed at the end of each 9-week grading period and will be distributed to students and parents.
      • Teachers will contact and document communication with parents of any student with a score of 73 or lower on any report card. A contact tracking document will be provided to teachers.
    • Yearlong long courses are scheduled over two independent semesters and a final grade/credit will be posted to the student’s transcript in December and May.  Students who successfully complete the course will receive one-half credit each semester.  Students who fail the semester will need to work with their counselor to recover any failed course(s).



      Within a semester, term reports are posted each nine weeks and students will be issued a Progress Report.  No practice work from the nine-week grading period will be accepted after the end of the grading period unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Departments and teachers have specific requirements in order to reassess on an assessment task to demonstrate mastery of standards.  Teachers will provide specific time and date to their make-up missed assessments or to reassess. The assessment will cover the same curriculum content but the assessment or method of assessment will differ from the initial test.

     Grade calculations for students who enter 9th grade for the first time in 2019-2020

      • Students will no longer have a Cumulative Numeric Average (weighted and unweighted).
      • Students will only have a 4-point GPA (weighted and unweighted)
      • Additional 5 points (Honors) and 10 points (Advanced Placement) will no longer be added to a student’s overall grade in the course.
    • AP and Dual Enrollments courses will earn 1 additional GPA point and Honors courses will receive .5 GPA point.

    Grade calculations for students who enter 9th grade for the first time in 2018-2019 or before

    • The official grade point average is a cumulative weighted numeric average (CWNA)
    • Students taking Honors, Dual Enrollment, and Advanced Placement classes while enrolled in HCS will receive additional points: Honors classes receive 5 points and AP receive 10 points.
    • Final grades for all courses, including Dual Enrollment, will be posted to the student’s final transcript and will used to determine valedictorian and salutatorian at the end of the senior year.