• "With integrity, there is no doubt." Cadet Cofer 2011
    "Attitude...it's a decision, make it a good one."  Cadet Thompson 2011
    "The perfect attitude is the way to a perfect life" Cadet Taliaferro 2011
    "Responsibility: If you mess up, fess up" Cadet Clay 2011
    ""You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you." ~Brim Tracy~" Cadet Marshall 2011
    "It is easier to deal with a bad conscience than with a bad reputation. Which means, if you have a bad integrity, people will stop expecting much of you, and start treating you differently." Cadet Harris 2011
    "Action are louder, right? Integrity!" Cadet Laplante 2011
    "Integrity! Always do the right thing even if no one sees you." Cadet Bryant 2011
    "Disciplined shall I stand...with a pure attitude; responsible for all I do with integrity gleaming proudly across my chest" Cadet Puri 2011
    "Responsibility is key!" Cadet Miller 2011
    "Responsibility. Just do it!" Cadet Stowers 2011
    "Responsibility, it's what makes you stronger!" Cadet Pantelakis 2011
    "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"  Cadet Hughes 2011
    "Responsibility Matters" Cadet Geiwitz 2011
    "Without responsibility, life if pointless"  Cadet Fleming 2011
    "Positive attitude, gets you where you want to go."  Cadet Gogiberidze 2011
    "Attitude leads to discipline, discipline leads to responsibility, and responsibility leads to integrity. All of these things lead to a great honored cadet and makes a good positive role model." Cadet Maddox 2011
    "Attitude ~ Your attitude is key to a positive appearance." Cadet Brown 20111
    "Attitude affects all you do." Cadet Donaldson 2011
    "Don't' be rude. Because people follow you. So loose the bad attitude."  Cadet Horton 2011
    "Turn your attitude around, like about-face, to a more positive side." Cadet Plumstead 2011
    "The right attitude gets you gratitude." Cadet Miller 2011
    "Live by code, live by integrity, live by morals."  Cadet George 2011
    "Live by the morals, live by the code, live by integrity." Cadet Zanetti 2011
    "Integrity; Live life truthfully.' Cadet Bettis 2011
    "Stop creeping on my writing" Cadet Osborne 2011
    "Senior McGee, your room needs some pop"  Cadet Osborne 2011
    "I will vote for the Tea Party."  Why? "Because I like tea and I like to party."  Cadet McLeod 2014
     "The only thing that follows work is....results."  Cadet Vincent 2014
    "Be happy and live in the moment. That's all." Cadet Ortiz 2019
    "The only thing in life that's constant is change." Cadet Micah Smith
Last Modified on May 16, 2019