• Course Description

    Early Childhood Education II is the second course in the Early Childhood Care and Education pathway and further prepares the student for employment in early childhood care and education services. The course provides a history of education, licensing and accreditation requirements, and foundations of basic observation practices and applications. Early childhood care, education, and development issues are also addressed and include health, safety, and nutrition education; certification in CPR/First Aid/Fire Safety; information about child abuse and neglect; symptoms and prevention of major childhood illnesses and diseases; and prevention and control of communicable illnesses.
    Mastery of standards through project based learning, laboratory application, technical skills practice, and leadership development activities of the career and technical student organizations will provide students with a competitive edge for either entry into the education global marketplace and/or the post-secondary institution of their choice when continuing their education and training.

    The course offers many hands-on activities, real-life situations, team building experiences, community guest appearances and creativity opportunities.  It’s a great deal of work, with a great deal of reward.

    The students also have the opportunity to work with children in the preschool setting.  Our Henry County Early Childhood Programs have in-house preschool laboratories in which 3-5 year old children from the community attend preschool for partial days during the second semester.  This is an invaluable experience for both the high school student as well as the preschool child.  We are extremely proud to offer such real-life opportunities to our young adults and extremely excited to watch the growth and excitement of the preschooler who receives such one on one attention each day.

    Our course also offers an After School Program in which children from the elementary school are mentored and tutored by the high school student if the opportunity presents itself.  This offers a wonderful opportunity for the high school student to practice their teaching skills, their understanding of curriculum, developmental needs of the child as well as play-based learning within the laboratory setting. 

    Everyone is or will be touched by the life of a child, whether male of female at some point in their life.  It is amazing to watch the transformation of the student as they work, play and grow with the children


    Materials List for ECE II

     One 1” Clear View Binder

    Sheet Protectors


    Jump Drive

    Pocket Change for Copies



    ECE II Syllabus