The purpose of Girls R.I.S.E. is to provide a forum for girls to communicate, share ideas, and enhance their knowledge to cope with the challenges faced as adolescent girls in middle school and beyond.
    Our vision is for girls to be confident, appreciate and accept who they are, be able to create and accomplish personal goals, resolve daily conflicts, and become leaders and role models to their peers at school and in their community.
    We believe:
    All girls are beautiful, important, and capable of succeeding
    Diversity (within all parameters) should be accepted
    Self-respect, confidence, and love is the foundation of character and healthy choices
    Parents, guardians, school, and community stakeholders are all needed to ensure the development of our girls will prepare them to be functional citizens in society

    We are . . . Girls R.I.S.E.


Last Modified on August 19, 2013