• The Girls R.I.S.E. Club was discovered by a group of 7thgrade girls in the fall of 2007. After
    discussing many topics together, these girls realized that they could benefit from having a program at school, just for them, to talk about issues that were important to them. These girls also wanted to have a program that would help the girls at DMS build each other up, rather than tear them down.

    Given a challenge, these girls created the club name, club colors, and the club’s purpose. The first Girls R.I.S.E. club meeting occurred in November, 2007, in the gym during homeroom. There were a total of approximately over 200 6th, 7th, and 8thgrade girls in attendance. In the fall of 2008, the Girls R.I.S.E. Club began meeting afterschool in the Family and Consumer Science classroom.

    Through the years, the Girls R.I.S.E. Club has maintained its focus on personal development, service to others, and creating bonds amongst the girls in and outside of the club.

    Girls Reaching an Image of Self-Empowerment

Last Modified on July 3, 2013