• Kitty Hawk Air Society (KHAS)

    Ola High School  AFJROTC Unit GA-20102

    Administrative Officer/NCO: 
    Finance Officer/NCO:
    Public Afffairs Officer/NCO:
    Motto: "Attending to the Needs of Others before Self"


    BY- LAWS


    Support School Activities and Events

    Being involved in local community service projects

    Tutor students in academic subject

    Publish an events and tutoring calendar


    Cadets must have a 90 average in AFJROTC class and an overall 3.0 or higher GPA the previous semester for all classes

    Cadet must have grade of 3.0 or higher in subject tutoring

    Cadets must demonstrate a positive attitude towards AFJROTC

    Cadets must attend scheduled KHAS meetings

    Cadets must be able to adhere to scheduled tutoring sessions and events


    Superintendent of Schools, High School Principal and AFJROTC instructors are automatically honorary members

    All other honorary members will be elected based upon the recommendations from the membership  

    State AFA President and AFJROTC Regional Coordinator(s) may also be considered for honorary members


    The Cadet Group Commander, Awareness Presentation Team Commander, and SASI will review cadet grades and will present a list of eligible cadets to the KHAS membership committee to extend invitations for membership

    After evaluation, the membership committee will provide a list of those recommended for invitation to the SASI for approval

    Awareness Presentation Team and KHAS Commanders will keep minutes of all meetings and submit to the Force Support Squadron Commander after review and approval of the Cadet Mission Support Group Commander


    Cadets desiring to become members of KHAS will be in pledge status for no more than 30 days. During this 30-day period, they will complete a pledge program composed of reasonable tasks set by the membership committee

    Failure to complete the pledge program will be cause to remove the cadet from consideration for membership in KHAS for at least one semester INDUCTION

    A certificate of Membership will be awarded to cadets who accomplish the pledge program


    Any member failing to maintain a 90 or above average in AFJROTC and a 3.0 or above GPA, attend meetings without a reasonable excuse, and/or participate in set activities, will be placed on probation

    Any member who is expelled, suspended, or found guilty of participating in activities which would harm the integrity of KHAS will be placed on probation or removed from membership according to the severity of the case.

    Cadets placed on probation due to grades may be reinstated at the beginning of the next semester if eligible

    If, at the end of the semester following suspension a cadet does not meet eligibility requirements, the cadet will be removed from membership in the KHAS  Cadets removed from membership may reapply as new pledges if they meet eligibility requirements

    Cadets in probationary status will not be permitted to wear the KHAS insignia nor hold an office in the KHAS. A cadet removed from office may not be placed back in office for one semester; another cadet will be assigned to the position vacated by the cadet in probationary status ORGANIZATION

    The SASI will appoint the Ola High School KHAS Commander from a pool of letters of intent received

    Elections will be held annually during month of September for other KHAS positions

    If the membership is more than eleven (11) cadets, the KHAS will be considered a flight and the following cadet ranks are authorized:
    Commander - C/Capt
    Vice Commander - C/1st Lt
    Administrative NCO - C/SSgt to C/ CMSgt
    Finance NCO - C/SSgt to C/CMSgt
    Public Affairs NCO - C/SSgt to C/CMSgt
    If the membership is eleven (11) or less the KHAS will be considered an element and the following cadet ranks are authorized:

    Commander - C/2nd Lt to 1st Lt
    Vice Commander/Superintendent - C/MSgt to C/2nd Lt
    Administrative NCO - C/SSgt to C/CMSgt
    Finance NCO - C/SSgt to C/CMSgt
    Public Affairs NCO - C/SSgt to C/CMSgt


Last Modified on May 6, 2020