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    SGA President

    SGA Exec VP

    SGA VP Marketing

    SGA Secretary

    SGA Treasurer

    Lila Salmons

    Arianna Walker

    Angelina Le

    Carley Wells

    Ansley Harvey


    2024 President

    2024 VP

    2024 Secretary

    2024 Treasurer

    Mahalia Djau

    Raul Ramos

    JT Singleton Jr.

    Ashlyn Patel


    2025 President

    2025 VP

    2025 Secretary

    2025 Treasurer

    Abby Harkcom

    Emma Ganes

    Kayleigh Holt

    Cadyn Barnes


    2026 President

    2026 VP

    2026 Secretary

    2026 Treasurer

    Sara Wade

    Luke Tomlinson

    Ashlyn Phillips

    Lyla Leonard


    2027 President

    2027 VP

    2027 Secretary

    2027 Treasurer

    Nathan Scites

    Khloe Peter

    Macy Martin

    Makenna Fowler





    Sponsor:  Dr. Rodney Sizemore (charles.sizemore@henry.k12.ga.us) in Room 333



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