• Accelerated Reader FAQ



    The Accelerated Reader program is an integral part of the reading program at Red Oak Elementary School.  This computerized program allows students to take a quiz on books they read.  Students aim to answer all these comprehension questions with an 85% average accuracy.  Below are answers to some commonly asked questions about Accelerated Reader.


    When and where can students take AR quizzes?

         Students can access the Accelerated Reader program from any computer in the school.  Teachers designate time in the day for students to take quizzes on books they have finished reading.


    What books can students read?

         Students take a preliminary computerized test called the STAR test to help determine their reading levels.  Teachers then assign the students "AR colors" to help them locate books at the appropriate reading level.  By reading books at the appropriate level, students will be more successful in their reading.


    What are the AR colors?

        Colored dots or stars are placed on the spine of the books in the library to help students find books at the appropriate reading levels.  Our colors are listed below:

    0.1-0.4 Green Dot

    0.5-0.9 Green Star

    1.0-1.4 Blue Dot

    1.5-1.9 Blue Star

    2.0-2.4 Orange Dot

    2.5-2.9 Orange Star

    3.0-3.4 Red Dot

    3.5- 3.9 Red Star

    4.0- 4.4 Purple Dot

    4.5-4.9 Purple Star

    5.0-5.4 Yellow Dot

    5.5-5.9 Yellow Star

    6.0- higher Tan Dot

    How do students earn prizes?

        Teachers set AR reading goals for students to achieve.  Students earn points in the AR program for the scores they receive on the quizzes they take.  Students who reach their point goal and maintain an 85% average earn small prizes and coupons.


    How do parents know how their children are doing in the AR program?

         With the Home Connect website, parents can check on their children's progress in Accelerated Reader.  They can even receive email alerts each time their child takes a test. 


    Can students test on books they own and read at home?

         Yes.  Accelerated Reader has a website called AR Bookfinder that allows parents and students to check the titles of any books and find out the reading level and point value of that book.  Write the title down and the student can take a test on that book at school.


    Can students take an AR test at home?

         No.  All testing has to be done at school.


Last Modified on June 7, 2022