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    Teacher Name:  Linasette Velez
    School Email Address:  linasette.velez@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach: Math and Science
     Welcome to 5th grade!

     I am so excited about teaching 5th grade this year and look forward to working with each of you.


    Supply List

    Math: One 1/2-inch binder and one two-pocket folder with prongs

    Science: One composition notebook and 2-two pocket folders


    Supplies needed for class each day:

    Pencils and cap erasers


    Art supplies: (crayons/markers/colored pencils)

    Inexpensive headphones/earbuds

    expo markers

    3 packs of line paper

    Glue sticks or Tape

    Pencil Pouch


    Wish list:


    Hand Sanitizer

    Paper towels

    Disinfecting wipes

    Colored copy paper







    If you have any questions or just want to check in to see how your student is progressing, please contact me at linasette.velez@henry.k12.ga.us