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    Stockbridge High School

    Course Syllabus



    Instructor: Carl Lashley                                  Room # 408                                         Year:  2009-10

    Email:  clashley@henry.k12.ga.us

    Course Name and Code:               Engineering Concepts  2607.4


    Semester: 1st


    Textbooks Used: Engineering Your Future                               Cost: $60.00


    Supplementary Texts or Special Materials: 



    Course Description:  This is the second course in the engineering pathway. This course introduces students to the fundamental principles of engineering. Students learn about areas of specialization within engineering and engineering design, and apply engineering tools and procedures as they complete hands-on instructional activities.  


    Course Outline and Content:


    The students will focus on:

    1.        The history and characteristics of engineering disciplines.

    2.        The engineering design process.

    3.        Solving problems using basic engineering tools and resources.

    4.        Whole systems approach to engineering and problem solving.

    5.        Engineering graphics and design.


                    Learning Clusters

    1.       Electrical Control & Electronics

    2.       Mechanical Power Systems

    3.       Manufacturing & Automation

    4.       Quality Control

    5.       Design & Plastics


    Special Assignments and Projects:               



    Classroom Rules and Discipline Procedures, including school-wide expectations re: tardiness to class, electronic devices, and playing cards:


    StockbridgeHigh School

    Classroom Expectations


    To ensure an optimum learning environment, please adhere to the following:


    • Students will be respectful to all adults and classmates.
    • Students will be seated in class when the bell rings.
    • Students will not display cell phones, portable electronic devices or playing cards in class.
    • Students will use computers/ technology appropriately at all times.


    Violation of these rules may result in changes to school policies.



    Make-up Policies:  All make-up is in accordance to the Henry County Student Handbook unless otherwise extended by the teacher.



    School-wide Grading Requirements as follows:


    Semester Final Average 100%

    • EOCT/Final Exam 15%
    • Course Final Average 85%                                             The Formative and Summative
      • Formative Assessment 50%                            Assessments equal 100% but fall
        • Practice 15%                                      under the category of Course Final
        • Quizzes 35%                                       Average which is 85% of the
      • Summative Assessment 50%                           Semester Final Average.

       (major tests & projects)

    **The vocabulary in these grading percentages is the vocabulary used in the new grading program Infinite Campus.**


    Materials Needed: Composition notebook, Pencil, Paper, 3-ring notebook 1 ½”



    Technology Information:  The classroom in which the students will work is modern and very well planned. The environment is different from the traditional classroom; it is more like a high tech industrial office environment.  Consequently, students are expected to act in a manner appropriate to the setting and organization. Each student is expected to demonstrate mature, responsible adult behavior while here. 




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