I am a native of Alabama where I was born and raised (reared in correct English terms). While growing up, I developed an interest in Architecture by trying to figure out how to expand the size of the house that I lived in. It was a very small house that was only about 500 square feet in size. Throughout high school, I practiced and honed my skills by designing small houses and additions to trusting neighbors and family members. Many would frown when told of how small the house was and the conditions which I lived, but I believe that it made me who I am today. I appreciate everything that I earn and accomplish.
    After high school, I entered the Marine Corps in order to earn tuition through the Montgomery G I Bill. During my four-year tour, I traveled to Japan, Korea and Panama. I finished my term just before the Gulf War, but I have had combat experiences before that time.  I later attended ETI Technical College to major in Architectural Drafting and Design. After a few years of working in the drafting field, returned to college to complete my BA degree and then in 2011, a Master's in Teaching and Learning with Technology. I have worked in industry in various positions as a CAD Drafter Civil Drafter and Architectural Technician before and after entering the teaching profession.
    My teaching experience began in the fall of 1997 at Shaw High School in East Cleveland, Ohio.  There I spent nine years as the CAD Instructor in the Career and Technical Education Department, and served as the Technology Liason for the Career and Tech Building. The overall structure was a little different with Career and Tech classes,with them being on block scheduling, while the remainng classes were on regular bell schedule. this is my 15th year as a teacher at Stockbridge High. In the past 23 years, I have taught a lot of students, and I have watched them mature into productive adults who are married, have children, graduate college and own businesses. I have to admit that there have been so many, that when I do run into in the community, I have a hard time remembering their names. But, I own up to it and just ask them to remind me.
    I enjoy teaching children about architecture and look forward to being at Stockbridge High School for many years to come. If you have any questions or concerns about your student, please do not hesitate to call or email me.
    Terrance Jackson
      APT BLDG