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    Important Dates Regarding

    Class of 2025 Senior Portraits

    Senior yearbook formal photos are scheduled during the fall for rising seniors and will be taken at SHS Friday, September 27 9:30am - 6pm. You may also go directly to a Cady Studio if you prefer. Either way, you MUST have an appointment. Cady.com/schedule

    If you miss the September session:

    Cady Studios will revisit SHS November 14 from 9:30am to 6:00pm. Schedule your appointment.  Cady.com/schedule

    If you miss the make-up session in November:

    You MUST contact Cady Studios for an appointment at the studio. The deadline for pictures is December 20, 2024. Cady.com/schedule

    As a reminder: Some scenes and session types are available in-studio only, and will not be available at senior on-campus events held at the school. If you are trying to book at SHS, you will need to book a SIMPLE or STANDARD session. In addition to the formal and cap & gown photos, the casual scenes available at SHS are the Timeless and Exposure Scenes. If you are interested in other scenes or session types, you will have the option to book time at one of the Cady Studios.

    Schedule your appointment TODAY with Cady Studios. If you are not photographed, you will NOT have a picture in the Senior section of the yearbook.

    Absolutely no outside photographers are allowed!

    To schedule an appointment with Cady Studios please call (678) 722-3449 or go to: Cady.com/schedule

    You must pay the photographer a minimum $29 sitting fee - credit card ONLY
     Contact: angela.walker@henry.k12.ga.us 
Last Modified on June 3, 2024