• Lift-A-Thon 2021
    tiger clean
    The 2021 off-season is already underway. The Tigers are working hard getting ready for the opening kickoff. On  March 16th 2021,  the team will hold their 12th Annual Lift-a-thon. Your support is greatly appreciated and needed. The players are testing in six total events bench press, power clean, parallel squat, 40 yard dash, shuttle run, and 1 1/2 mile run. Each activitiy has points assigned to their performance and that's how we determine which category they have successfully completed.

    Award Winners                                 

    Bengal Tigers (190+ points)
    Siberian Tigers (155-189)      
    Sumatran Tigers (131-154)
    Indochinese Tigers (108-130)
    South China   (86-107)
     1000lb Club
    900lb Club
    800lb Club
    700lb Club





Last Modified on May 19, 2021