Students may check out as many as 
    3 books for two weeks and 3 magazines
    for one night only.
    $ .10 / day for overdue books with a maximum fine of $10.00.
    $ .25 / day for magazines
    1. School related searches ONLY--
    NO playing games, browsing, or
    checking off-campus email addresses.
    2. Use the internet links on the
    Home Page of Destiny,
    (the media center catalog),
    or any school web page.
    3.  One person per computer.
    Passes required during all school
    hours (including lunch).
    Passes MUST have:
    1.  Student's name
    2.  Date and time
    3.  Destination (media center)
    4.  Assignment in detail
    5.  Teacher's signature
    No passes needed
    before or after school.
    Students must get permission from the
    media staff before printing or copying.
    Black and white -- $ .10 / page
    Color -- $ 1.00 / page
    Copies -- $ .15 / page
    Turn OFF your cell phone when you enter the media center.
    No food or drinks.
    Thank you!
Last Modified on July 26, 2011