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    Why Books Make the Best Gifts!

    Books don't need to be assembled before being given.

    Books don't need batteries.

    Books never come in the wrong color or size.

    Books don't need to be serviced by a dealer.

    Books don't need spare parts.

    Books are easier to wrap then footballs.

    Books look good with any decor.

    Books don't need watering or fertilizing.

    Books don't irritate your allergies.

    Books don't go out of style.

    Books don't get aphids or draw ants.

    Books don't bark or need to be walked in the middle of the night.

    Books don't stretch, shrink, or fade.

    Books don't need extension cords.

    Books won't scratch the coffee table.

    Books don't get stale before they arrive.

    Books never need ironing.

    Books don't have zippers that break.

    Books can be used over and over by many people.

    When you are finished with a book, it is not empty.
    A book is a gift you can open again and again and again.  


Last Modified on May 9, 2024