• Students must obey all bus safety rules and all rules listed in the Student Code of Conduct. In addition, Georgia law prohibits the following acts while on a bus:

    1. Acts of physical violence.
    2.  Bullying.
    3. Physical assault or battery of persons on the bus.
    4. Verbal assault of persons on the bus.
    5. Disrespectful conduct toward bus drivers or other persons.
    6. Unruly behavior.
    7. Students shall be prohibited from using any electronic devices with or without headphones or earbuds during the loading and unloading process. Students should keep electronic equipment packed away when preparing to board and when getting off the bus. Use of electronic devices while onboard the bus with headphones or earbuds is permitted as long as it does not interfere with the driver’s operation of the school bus.
    8. Using mirrors, lasers, flash cameras, or any other lights or reflective devices in a manner that might interfere with the driver’s operation of the bus.
    9. Students must maintain silence at all railroad crossings until the driver has crossed and gives the all clear.
    10. Students must obey all rules listed in the Bus Transportation Safety section of this handbook.

    Any violation of the Code of Conduct occurring on any bus may have consequences of being suspended from riding on the bus in addition to any other discipline consequences set forth in the Code of Conduct.

    Fighting on a bus is among the most serious violations committed by students, as it endangers everyone riding the bus by causing the driver’s attention to be diverted. Fighting on a school bus may result in immediate suspension from the bus and/or school with no prior warning or progressive disciplinary action being taken.

    During the period of bus suspension, parents/guardians will be responsible for providing the student’s transportation to/from school. Bus suspension is not an excused absence or tardy. If a student causes damage to a school bus, parents/guardians will be required to repay the cost of any damage to the bus. At the discretion of the principal, parents/guardians may be asked to meet with school officials to develop a school bus behavior contract for the student.