• Vision for a Successful Opening of Birch Creek Elementary School

    Every student will have access to high-quality instructional programs and resources that are led by highly effective teachers and leaders, with supportive, safe, and secure learning environments, that provide high-quality opportunities to participate in desired enrichment activities and allow for their ability to benefit from support services when needed.
    Every family will have access to timely information that prioritizes engagement with the school community, allowing them to contribute to a welcoming school culture and climate where positive collaborations occur between administrators, staff, families, and students.
    Every staff member will have clarity regarding employment through clear and consistent processes and guidelines, with high-quality resources and professional development that build confidence in the provision of instruction and personal well-being.

  • Birch Creek/New School FAQs

    Henry County Schools recognizes the importance of a student’s school community and aims to make our process of assigning attendance zones very clear and transparent. If you have any questions not answered here, please contact attendancezonefeedback@henry.k12.ga.us.

  • Academics

    1. Will all schools impacted by the attendance zone proposals have access to the same academic programs and resources? 
      Yes. Each school will have access to district purchased instructional materials that are available at each elementary school.

    1. Will specials remain the same at my new school?
      Birch Creek Elementary will have similar special programming as other Henry County Schools elementary schools to include art, PE, music, and STEM.

    1. Will there be an After-School Enrichment Program at Birch Creek Elementary?

    1. Will there be a Georgia Pre-K Program at my new school?
      Yes. More information can be found on our Pre-K website.

    1. Will there be access to advanced classes at my new school?

    1. Will my new school have a STEM Lab?

    1. Will instructional resources at Birch Creek Elementary be new or transferred?
      Instructional resources for each elementary school are provided each year based on student enrollment.
      Elementary resources are refreshed each school year and Birch Creek Elementary’s resources will be as well.

    1. Will my new school have a special focus or signature programming?
      Once a principal is appointed, any special focus or signature programming will be determined by the principal, their leadership team, and community insights.

  • Operational

    1. Will Birch Creek Elementary have all new furniture?

    1. Will there be playground equipment available for the opening of Birch Creek Elementary?

    1. Will Birch Creek Elementary have all new technology?   
      Yes. Birch Creek Elementary classroom interactive technology will be brand new.

    1. What computers/devices will be available for students of Birch Creek Elementary? 
      Returning students will keep their currently assigned HP Chromebook when transitioning to Birch Creek Elementary. New students will be assigned an HP Chromebook at the start of the school year.

    1. When will I find out about transportation?
      Final bus routes will be available at Open House or online at https://www.henry.k12.ga.us/Page/161 thereafter.

    1. What safety measures will be in place at my new school?
      The school will open fully equipped with the security investments made at each school.  The investments include: secured entrance, visitor check-in, monitoring cameras and campus alert system. Additionally, Birch Creek will have the same behavior expectations outlined in the Code of Conduct that applies to all schools. Please visit our Safe Henry page for more information.

    1. Will my new school have an SRO?
      All Henry County Schools are covered by an SRO. Our SRO leadership team, which includes sergeants and lieutenants, are critical in our elementary school coverage. Henry County Schools’ goal for SRO coverage aligns with national standards of one (1) SRO per one thousand (1,000) students.

    1. How does the new school impact feeder patterns?
      All current middle and high school feeder patterns will remain intact with the new attendance zone proposal.

    1. What schools will Birch Creek Elementary feed into?
      Birch Creek Elementary will feed into Eagle’s Landing Middle School, Luella Middle School and McDonough Middle School.

    1. What is the new school’s enrollment capacity?
      862 students.

  • Human Resources

    1. When will the Birch Creek Elementary principal be announced?
      The principal was announced at the November 13th meeting of the Board of Education. Click here for more information on the appointment of Mr. Quavious Wright as Principal of Birch Creek Elementary.

    1. Who is eligible to request to transfer to Birch Creek Elementary?
      All employees can request a transfer through the Placement Preference Process in January. However, we will meet with staff at Bethlehem Elementary, Oakland Elementary, and Wesley Lakes Elementary in November to explain the process and guidelines for staffing Birch Creek Elementary. 

    1. How do I apply for employment/transfer to Birch Creek Elementary?
      This process for staffing was outlined in detail at the November staff meetings.

    1. Will some of my student’s current teachers transition to Birch Creek Elementary?
      It is possible; however, we will not begin staffing the new school until early 2024. 

    1. What will be Birch Creek Elementary School’s student/teacher ratio?
      Birch Creek Elementary will be staffed according to the district  guidelines and will be monitored closely as the enrollment process continues for any needed adjustments. 

    1. Is Employee Choice (employee child enrollment) available for Birch Creek Elementary?
      Full-time, benefit eligible employees of Henry County Schools may apply for their children to attend Birch Creek Elementary for the 2024-2025 school year. Traditionally, the application window opens in January through the Friday of Mid-Winter Break. Employee Choice remains open for new hires.

  • Family/Student Support

    1. Will the new school open as a Title I school?
      No. Title I determination for Birch Creek Elementary is determined after student enrollment is complete and reported to the State of Georgia.

    1. Will we have an opportunity to engage with the principal of our new school?
      Yes. Meet and Greet opportunities will be held for families to meet the principal in the Spring of 2024.

    1. Can I apply for my student/s to remain at their previous school?
      Regulation JBCCA-R(2) allows an exemption for rising 5th grade students to apply to remain at the school they currently attend. If your student is in the 4th grade and you would like to apply for an exemption for him/her to remain at their current school for their 5th grade year, you can log in to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal, select “Documents” in the left-hand window, and click on “BCE Exemption Form.” The form must be completed in its entirety, including the “sign or decline” option and the “submit” option. The window for applying for this exemption will close on Friday, January 26, 2024. For questions about this exemption or assistance with this process, you may contact the HCS Welcome Center at 770-957-3945. 

    1. If I have one student who qualifies to stay at my current school, what happens with their siblings?
      Regulation JBCCA-R(2) provides exemptions for rising 5th grade students only. Younger siblings are scheduled to enroll at the new zoned school.

    1. How will my student’s IEP/504/SST/Medical needs be met? Do current supports transfer to my new school?
      Student supports identified through an IEP, 504 plan, SST, or other medical needs will continue.

    1. What special education programming will be available at my new school?
      Interrelated special education programming is available at all Henry County Schools and will be available at Birch Creek Elementary. Specialized Special Education programs will be determined once the Board of Education approves new attendance zones and impacted students are identified.

    1. Will I have to re-enroll my student/s if they are going to Birch Creek Elementary?
      Impacted families will receive communication regarding enrollment pending Board approval in December 2023; however, all families throughout Henry County are asked to complete an annual update through the Parent Portal each Spring to ensure up-to-date information is on file.

    1. Will Birch Creek Elementary School be on the school choice list in January?
      Birch Creek Elementary will not be on the school choice list in January. OCGA 20-2-2131 does not apply to newly opened schools with available classroom space for a period of four years after the school opens. 

    1. Will my current school be on the school choice list in January?
      The list of available schools changes from year to year. Please review the Henry County Schools website in January to view the list of available schools for the 2024-2025 school year. 

    1. What language services will be available to me at Birch Creek Elementary?
      Birch Creek Elementary school students and families will have the same language services access as each Henry County elementary school. 

    2. What supports will be in place to help students adjust to change in location and classmates/friends?
      All Henry County Schools employ Mental Health and Wellness Facilitators to assist students and staff.


  • General/Other

    1. How were attendance zones chosen?
      Henry County Schools promotes a community school model which results in geographic proximity/location, school capacity and projected enrollment to be the primary criteria used to determine attendance zones. Secondary criteria includes: feeder patterns, traffic patterns, previous rezoning and special programs.  This is outlined in Board Policy JBCCA-R(2).

    1. What opportunities will be in place for parent engagement (ie. School Council, PTO/PTA, etc.)? 
      Once a principal is appointed, a School Council will be established as required by law and local board policy. The establishment of a PTO/PTA can be initiated by interested parents or teachers in collaboration with the principal or designee.

    1. Can I be a part of the initial School Council at Birch Creek Elementary?  
      Once a principal is appointed, they will be responsible for establishing the local school council pursuant to Board Policy BBFA, found here, and Board Regulation BBFA-R(1) found here.

    1. How will discipline be handled at Birch Creek Elementary?  
      Birch Creek Elementary school students and families will have the same conduct and behavior expectations as each Henry County elementary school. Please find our Code of Conduct here.

    2. How do I know where my child will go to school next year?
      Families in the impacted school communities will receive written communication following Henry County Board of Education approval of proposed attendance zones.