• AccessHCS logoOver the next year, Henry County Schools is undertaking a project that will change how we support our Human Resources and Finance operations. We will be moving from our outdated system to Oracle, a world-class platform that will dramatically improve our administrative functions.

    AccessHCS is the name selected for this new system and represents Henry County Schools’ continuing journey to become a high-performing and highly effective organization. Employees will start to see this name everywhere – it will be the single place to go to manage all of the functions of HR and Finance. Where we once directed employees to the Human Resources and Finance websites, MyDocs, and Etrieve Central, employees will soon go to AccessHCS for all of their HR and Finance needs.

    The new system is based on Oracle’s industry-leading Fusion Cloud web platform – a modern suite of cloud-based applications encompassing human resources, finance, supply chain, and payroll abilities. The system will be efficient, intuitive, and easy to use. Some key features that make this system user-friendly include:

    • Easy to understand interfaces
    • Self-service options
    • Robust reporting
    • Forecasting
    • Dashboards

    HCS has partnered with Oracle and HighstreetIT for the duration of this project. Oracle is an innovative, world-class, global company that provides industry best practices in Human Resources and Finance processes in cloud-based applications. HighstreetIT is a consulting partner that focuses exclusively on Oracle implementations and brings extensive experience to the AccessHCS project.



    ERP Timeline

    A large project like this will be a significant amount of work for HCS staff. Planning for this large project began in 2021. Over the next year, the Financial Services and Human Resource Services departments will learn a new system while also managing day-to-day activities that keep our system operational.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are we doing this?

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    The systems we use today at HCS to support our Finance, Human Resources, and Procurement activities are outdated, requiring several separate systems to perform each function. In order to create a more streamlined experience for our employees, we are implementing an ERP platform called Oracle. We are customizing Oracle for our needs, so Henry County employees will recognize it as AccessHCS.

    AccessHCS will provide employees with self-service access to many functions that would have ordinarily required multiple phone calls, emails, and follow-up. Information at your fingertips will soon be the norm! Over the next year, we will have teams from HR and Finance working on the AccessHCS project. Throughout this process, we will communicate and share information as we have it to ensure our employees are supported and informed throughout this journey.

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  • How will Financial Services and the District be affected?

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    ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. The AccessHCS Cloud ERP solution will replace functionality within HCS’s financial systems with a cloud-based integration solution designed to create efficiencies, leverage real time data for analytics, and offer additional functionality. This new functionality will be utilized in systems and processes such as: general ledger, budgeting, contracts, procurement, accounts payable, check requests, payroll, and timesheets.

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  • How will Human Resource Services be affected?

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    The AccessHCS Cloud HCM solution will replace functionality within HCS’s current Human Resource systems with a cloud-based integration solution designed to improve employee engagement and the hiring process. HCM stands for Human Capital Management and it covers functionality such as recruitment, onboarding, benefits, time and labor, and learning.

    Still have questions? Email accesshcs@henry.k12.ga.us with general inquiries.

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