• Cupcake Wars - November/December

    Cupcake Wars - November/December

    Cupcake wars helps students to brainstorm a store name, design their store, publish their menu, and then begin to come up with the recipe for six different types of cupcakes. Students will need to figure out how much flour, sugar, vanilla, eggs, and milk they will need to make one dozen, 12 dozen, and even fifty dozen cupcakes to fulfill orders. They will need to purchase items, and make a profit. This unit will culminate in students piping cupcakes to go with themes they have chosen. This will take cupcake wars to a whole other level.

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  • Planning a Field Trip  August/September

    Planning a Field Trip August/September

    We are planning the 2023-2024 field trips. Students were able to choose where they would like to go on a field trip. Then they worked on tying it to the standards, and working on the budget in order to know how much to charge! Next came the fun part, the itinerary, and the presentation. Students will be presenting to administration for approval to go on their chosen field trip!

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