• Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the SMC/HCS TeleHealth partnership and how does it work?

    TeleHealth connects patients with a Georgia licensed Southside Medical Center healthcare provider using a computer monitor, and other equipment, on a secure network.

    What are the office hours for the Southside Medical Center’s TeleHealth services at Henry County School Learning and Support Center?

    We are currently serving Henry County Schools students, following the Henry County Schools, school calendar on the days that students are attending school, from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM during the HCS Student Calendar. There are no Tuesday or summer appointments available for TeleHealth.

    Please click this link to be directed to the Henry County Schools School calendar: Henry County Schools Calendars

    What happens during a TeleHealth visit with a provider at a Southside Medical Center location?

    Using audio and video the Henry County Schools TeleHealth Nurse will be able to provide live communications with the provider, or Southside Medical staff, per the request of the parent or guardian.

    Who is eligible?

    Currently, students enrolled in Henry County Schools, are eligible for Southside Medical Center's TeleHealth at Henry County Schools Learning & Support Center. 

    How do I make an appointment for my child to be seen at the TeleHealth Office?

    Parents or Guardians of Henry County Schools students may make an appointment with Southside Medical Center via the QR Code below and request the Henry County Schools Learning & Support Center location.   

    You may scan the QR Code below or call 678-974-8148 for an appointment, and then complete the required consent and documents before your arrival.

    Be sure to choose/request the location "Henry County Schools".