Campus Security Investments

Tip Line

School Resource Officers (SROs) provide a layer of safety and security within Henry County Schools. Middle schools and High schools are assigned a SRO. Cluster SROs along with SRO supervisors will check-in with elementary schools on a consistent basis. SRO Directory


Campus Safety Monitors - Henry County Schools has invested in Campus Safety Monitors at all secondary schools in the district. The role of the CSM is to maintain an ongoing review of the physical security of the school location(s) to which they are assigned.

Tip Line

The Henry County Schools See Something Say Something anonymous tip line is fully operational and provided to the community in collaboration with our law enforcement partners. Students, staff, and the community can anonymously share information about bullying, suspicious and/or dangerous activity at any Henry County school or district location. The tip line accepts text messaging, video, pictures, or phone calls at 770-220-7009.
Henry County Schools has also invested in Safety Signage across the district.


Code of Conduct - The Board of education is committed to ensuring a safe and orderly learning environment for all students. The Code of Conduct established expectations for student conduct and consequences for infractions.
Additionally, we have continued our investment in the District's Alternative to Suspension (ATS) program which provides students in grades 6th - 12th the opportunity to participate in an in-person intervention program in lieu of Out-of-School Suspension. This keeps students connected to their leadership environment and provides them an opportunity to take responsibility for their actions and return to their school with a success plan. We encourage all parents and students to review the Code of Conduct regularly. It can be accessed on the HCS website at anytime.


CampusAlert - The fastest and simplest way for all teachers and staff members to call for assistance during an emergency. This happens with the simple push of a button on a wearable CampusAlert badge. Once activated, an alert instantly reaches administrators and first responders. CampusAlert is unique for its ability to deliver the precise location of an alert, along with immediate audio and visual incident notifications. This system is also equipped with strobe lighting throughout the building, screen messages, and intercom integration for campus-wide incidents.


Access control cards (key cards) - Utilized at all of our Henry County School campuses to control who is allowed access inside our schools.


CheckMate - Henry County Schools utilizes Check Mate, which is a visitor management system to process the tracking of everyone who enters any of our HCS school buildings through the front office.
The CheckMate system also prints a visitor badge that must be worn at all times by the visitor during their visit.

Door Ajar Alarm

Door Ajar Alarm - All schools are equipped with door ajar alarms. The alarms are activated when any exterior door is left ajar (open) for an extended period. The alarm alerts school personnel, who are equipped to quickly respond to ensure school campuses remain safe and secure.

clear bags

Clear bags - Henry County Schools has implemented the clear bag requirement for all school events. This includes elementary, middle and high school events which are publicly announced and open to the community. Please speak with your school’s administrators for any additional guidance. Clear Bags

Tip Line

The Weapon Detection System is one of many layers implemented by Henry County Schools to ensure the safety of students and community guests at our large athletic events. WDS ensures the safety & security of all attendees while maintaining a continuous flow of entry into the athletic event.


School Bus Cameras - To ensure our bus drivers can transport students safely as well as intervene if students engage in bus-related misconduct, all Henry County Schools buses have been equipped with state-of-the-art camera systems that provide audio and video capabilities.


Here Comes the Bus - The application provides real-time bus location, bus route arrival times for home and school, and alerts when the bus is near.

Single Point of Entry

Single-point entry - All doors remain locked to ensure that visitors entering the building are only able to access the front office for assistance. This single point of entry ensures that visitors are not able to enter hallways or offices without permission.