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  • What parents should know about Soft Lock Downs & Hard Lock Downs



      • Visitors to the building will not be permitted access into the building.
      • Students in the building will not be allowed to exit the school building. Guests in the building will be required to remain in the building until the soft lock down is lifted.


    FAQ Hard Lock


    When a school goes into Hard Lockdown in response to a serious threat or perceived threat, students and staff should follow safety protocols to remain safe during the event. When a situation occurs and is resolved, we will remove the Hard Lockdown in stages.

      • NO visitors will be permitted access into the building.
      • Students and staff will be secured in a safe area within the school.
      • Students in the building will not be allowed to exit the school building.
      • Guests in the building will be placed in a secure area within the school during the lockdown.


      • In the event of an emergency at or near the school, school leaders follow the direction of law enforcement and emergency response agencies in determining whether or not to evacuate the facility.




      •  Shelter-in-place means taking cover within the interior portion of school building during the case of inclement weather nearby the school campus. Students and staff will remain there until it is safe to release students. This is a precaution to keep our students safe from hazardous materials that may have been released into the atmosphere. (This is not the same thing as going to a shelter in case of a storm.)



  • Parents: PLEASE follow these important tips to help keep all HCS students safe.

    • Tip #1: Provide your students' school with the most recent and accurate emergency contact information and notify the school if your information changes.

    • Tip #2: If your student's school is put into a soft or hard lock down, PLEASE Do Not Go to your student(s) school. Communication will be shared with parents and guardians.

    • Tip #3: Share these tips with your students: 
    1. Follow the directions being given by the teacher or principal.
    2. Before using a cell phone, make sure it is safe to do so.
    3. Do not leave the school campus unless instructed to do so. In an evacuation situation or if school is dismissed early, follow the directions provided by the principal.