• Students are expected to follow the Wildcat Matrix at all times, which is to be safe, responsible, and respectful.
    Learners enter quietly to listen for instructions to complete daily tasks.
    Students are expected to complete their tasks and collaborate with others when needed.
    When dismissing class, learners are expected to place materials back as they are found and exit quietly. 

  • Rewards:
    Students may earn points/tickets when following Wildcat Expectations.
    Learners may purchase a free ice cream pass for 5 points or tickets OR cash for 10 for a trip to the Treasure Box.

    When learners don't follow Wildcat Expectations or Classroom Norms, students will receive consequences.
    - Name on board: Warning
    - One check by name: Complete isolated work away from their group
    - Two checks by name: Phone call home
    - Three checks by name: Student will complete a behavior reflection
    - Four checks by name: Administration will be called for assistance