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  • National Conference Highlights Henry County BOE’s Unified Governance Model - COSSBA

    ASU Visit

    Henry County School Board Members - Chair Holly Cobb, Vice Chair Annette Edwards, along with Superintendent Davis were recently invited to present at the National Inaugural Conference of the Consortium of the State School Boards Association (COSSBA) in Atlanta. The presentation highlighted the work that our Board of Education has done to create the conditions that will enable Henry County schools to produce exceptional educational outcomes for our students and community.

    During the September Board Meeting, Board Chair Holly Cobb indicated that many Districts from across the country were impressed to hear of the academic achievement and recovery made by students in all areas, especially Algebra I, as we emerge from the pandemic. They were equally interested in hearing about how our Board came together to engage the community, set goals, and establish academic priorities.

    Mrs. Annette Edwards spoke about “Why Unified Governance Matters?” Her discussion focused on governance training, the organizing of our Core Beliefs, and the importance of aligning goals to the community’s hopes and aspirations for success.

    As Boards of Education across the country look to reconstruct their governance tenants, HCS’s unified governance model - built on core beliefs, core policies, and a community-inspired strategic plan serves as a model for others to learn from. Furthermore, Henry County Schools contribution to the conference is clear evidence that our infrastructure toward building a high performing district is strong and well positioned to generate sustained positive outcomes for students.

    Look for more best practices coming from Henry County Schools. National recognition validates our work, but the ultimate winners of a top-performing district are the students of Henry County!

    COSSBA is a non-partisan, national alliance dedicated to sharing resources and information to support, promote, and strengthen state school board associations.