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    Principal - Melissa Thomas 
    Assistant Principals - Dr. Lisa Green, Ashley Sellers
    Enrollment* - Total Students - 1,026   
    Administrators - 4   |   Counselors - 3  |   Certified Staff - 72 

    Mission - We believe that personalizing learning, by allowing students to choose the way they learn and demonstrate mastery, increases student engagement and the effectiveness of students’ learning experiences in general. With options to learn from online content, teacher-led instruction, and authentic learning experiences, LGMS students will be able to choose the content and learning formats that are most effective for them. These choices will lead to increased student success, which in turn will lead to even higher levels of engagement. The theory of personalized learning is to provide the support to our students by giving them what they need, when they need it. We strive to create an environment that supports this theory by providing the appropriate levels of rigor, relevance, and relationships. At Locust Grove Middle School, learning is personal.

    Vision - The vision for Locust Grove Middle is to create a learning environment that responds to the needs of each student and provides multiple pathways for students to advance in their learning. Students will move through the content at their own pace using a rigorous curriculum that leverages their strengths and connects with their college and career interests.


    3315 South Ola Rd., Locust Grove, GA 30248    |   Main# 770.957.6055   |   Fax# 770.957.7160

    *2021-2022 Enrollment

  •  Highlights

    The following school highlights are just a few of the things that make Locust Grove Middle School an amazing place to learn and grow! These four items should allow you to see the rigorous learning, diverse experiences, and supportive culture that exists in our school. In Henry County Schools, we believe in giving every student a high quality, world-class education and we believe these highlights display our passion and commitment to do just that.

    LGMS picStudent Outcomes
    Locust Grove Middle School has shown tremendous growth on the state’s accountability measure, the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI). With a 25-point increase from the prior year, the school achieved an overall Composite Score of 80 and a B rating on the most recent school report card from the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement. CCRPI scores are detailed in four areas – Content Mastery, Progress, Closing Achievement Gaps, and Readiness. Locust Grove Middle School improved in all four areas with the greatest growth shown in the area of Closing Achievement Gaps. With an increase of 61 points from the prior year, Locust Grove Middle moved from 36 to 98 points, outperforming both district and state averages. Similarly, student growth in mathematics and English language arts allowed for an increase of 34 points in the area of Progress, moving Locust Grove from 55 to 89. “Our academic achievement and growth is attributed to the hard work of the teachers and staff along with the district, parent, and community support of student needs,” noted former Principal Van Tone.                                                                                                             

    A focus on student learning and support has resulted in Locust Grove Middle School being recognized as a school that is “Beating the Odds” or outperforming similar schools across the state. Our student academic growth is higher than 77% of schools within our state and our overall performance outperforms our district and 67% of the schools within Georgia. We are a school that puts student achievement and support at the forefront of everything we do!

    LGMS picStudent Opportunities
    Students at Locust Grove Middle School are provided with numerous opportunities to highlight their talent and to explore learning outside of the academic classroom. From competing in various local and state competitions to collaborating with outside organizations for STEM education, students at our school take advantage of all our school has to offer.
    Through the STEM classes offered at our school, students are able to work with outside organizations to compete in various competitions. The most recent competition included a partnership with Henry County Water Authority and involved students designing, building, and testing water towers as they learned about water quality and careers in the water industry.
    Carter Ivey, first place winner of the countywide competition, enjoys exploring STEM and competing in design challenges like the water tower because “I can use my hands and be creative with my own ideas, and I like testing out my ideas to see if they work.”

    Students also thrive within the Fine Arts program offered at Locust Grove Middle School. Serving approximately 175 students, the band is the largest organization in the school and enjoys a great reputation for quality and excellence! The band has been awarded the highest rating of "Superior" every year since its opening from the Georgia Music Educators Association at the yearly Large Group Performance Evaluations. The band has also consistently been represented in district and state level groups, such as the District Honor Band, the Georgia All-State Band, and the Solo and Ensemble Festival.

    LGMS picClimate and Culture
    We like to consider ourselves one big family at Locust Grove Middle School. Through organizations such as our PTO and school council, we have built a culture of collaboration among all stakeholders where learning, student and staff recognition, and student support are at the center of all we do. Jessica Wingard, the parent of a seventh-grade student, says, “LGMS is a great place for students to be because the teachers and staff have a passion for their students both educationally and relationally. I appreciate the teachers who get to know my kids. This helps my kids to feel like they have a connection and, in turn, helps their learning.”

    At Locust Grove Middle School, we also believe that recognition and celebration are an important part of school life, so we take every opportunity to celebrate and recognize our students and staff. Each semester, students are recognized for their academic achievement and character through our awards ceremonies and Student of the Month breakfasts. The PTO also offers opportunities for student recognition through the organization of our fall and spring festivals.

    Our teachers and staff are also shown appreciation throughout the year with our Friday treats, holiday lunches, and Teacher and Staff of the Month and Year celebrations. Ms. Hesting, our 2020 Teacher of the Year, notes, “I love working at LGMS because the staff and students are amazing! I have built so many friendships through the school, including both co-workers and stakeholders. This school has become an extension of my family.”

    LGMS pic Extracurriculars
    Through our athletic programs and school clubs, Locust Grove Middle offers our students opportunities to explore “beyond the core,” develop 21st-century leadership skills, and to promote a culture of teamwork within our student body.

    Students in our drama club are known for putting on stellar performances! Productions such as “Shrek Jr.” and “Frozen Jr.” bring audiences from across the county and reviews that highlight the hard work and dedication of the teacher director, Audrey Starace, and the student cast.

    The many clubs offered at Locust Grove Middle School, such as the Junior Beta Club, Academic Team, and Vex Robotics allow students to develop leadership and critical thinking skills as well as opportunities to interact with and serve the community through service projects and friendly competition. Our most recent academic team season resulted in the school’s first-ever top-three win within our region!
    Our 2020-2021 Junior Beta club president and member of the current academic team, Chelie Chatman, states, “Beta Club has shown me how students can impact the community and environment just by working together to make a change.” Due to the hard work of our school’s members, the National Beta Club has recently recognized us as a “School of Distinction”.

    The athletic program at Locust Grove Middle School also affords students opportunities to develop teamwork and leadership skills outside of the classroom. Whether the sport is football, basketball, softball, or any of our other team sports, students are able to highlight their talents.  
  •  Opportunities

    At Locust Grove Middle, we offer a variety of opportunities for our students to become well-rounded and balanced members of our school community. These include things like advanced enrollment course offerings, career, technical, and agricultural education courses (CTAE), and fine arts courses where our students can participate. We seek to challenge our students to think in new ways and to raise their expectations of themselves through the many opportunities available to each student.
    Art Family & Consumer Science  Basketball Algebra I Spanish
    Band PE  Football Physical Science  
    Dance/Theatre Health  Track & Field  Visual Arts  
      Exploring Engineering and Technology  Wrestling Spanish    
      Exploring Agricultural Science  Cheerleading Geometry  
      Math Enrichment  Softball    
      Reading Enrichment  Volleyball    

  •  Demographic Information


    Locust Grove Middle School’s student demographic information can be found on this dashboard. This information includes total enrollment by grade level, student composition by race/ethnicity, percent of students enrolled in exceptional student education or English language learners or the gifted program, as well as the percentage of students who are currently enrolled in classes at Impact Academy. This information can be used to better understand the student population that is served at Locust Grove Middle.

  •  Student Outcomes


    Locust Grove Middle School’s student outcomes information can be found on this dashboard. This information includes:

    • Georgia Student Health Survey Responses
    • Literacy Proficiency Rates

    The Georgia Student Health Survey is given to all k-12 students in Georgia in the spring of each school year. It is composed of a variety of questions that help our district better understand the student experience in our schools. The literacy information is calculated as the percentage of students reading on or above grade level determined by scores on the Milestones End-of-grade assessments for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade in English Language Arts. Each of these data components can be viewed for the previous three years. For more information about these measurements, please access the Locust Grove Middle School website.