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    Principal - Jodye Rowe-Callaway 
    Assistant Principals - Kayla Holmes, Quavious Wright  
    Enrollment* - Total Students - 718   
    Administrators - 3   |   Counselors - 2  |   Certified Staff - 60 

    Mission - To ensure meaningful learning experiences in a high performing environment for every student, every day.

    Vision - The strategic priority of “ensuring a high performing environment for all students” aligns with our current vision here at WLE. We are committed to ensuring our students are reading on grade level, in every grade. In order to meet our vision, we are focused on clarifying and focusing on what students are learning.


    685 McDonough Pkwy., McDonough, GA 30253   |   Main# 770.914.1889   |   Fax# 770.914.9955

    *2021-2022 Enrollment

  •  Highlights

    The following school highlights are just a few of the things that make Wesley Lakes Elementary School an amazing place to learn and grow! These four items should allow you to see the rigorous learning, diverse experiences, and supportive culture that exists in our school. In Henry County Schools, we believe in giving every student a high quality, world-class education and we believe these highlights display our passion and commitment to do just that.

    WLE picStudent Outcomes 
    Wesley Lakes Elementary is committed to providing optimal learning experiences for all students during the instructional school day, as well as the extension to the school day opportunities including after school, and Saturday tutorial sessions to support students with their academic growth. Our most recent data shows growth in a variety of areas, displaying the hard work of our students here at Wesley Lakes. Our students are currently excelling on Common Formative Assessments (CFAs) at the 3rd through 5th-grade levels, and we are also seeing rising reading scores when using our tool for determining reading progress, Fountas and Pinnell (F&P) reading levels. Student learning and support are pivotal pieces of our work here at Wesley Lakes.   
    We will continue to encourage and develop our students as we continue to implement the exciting components of the HCS strategic plan in our building. We overwhelmingly embrace the notion that every day is a great day to learn something new.

    WLE picStudent Opportunities
    Our teachers do a wonderful job with cross-curricular education! During physical education lessons, a popular activity among students is the math warm-up; where students solve a problem that is displayed and do the exercise that corresponds with the correct answer. We welcome partners like our School Resource Officer to engage with students and connect safety with standards like the importance of emergency sounds and following safety procedures. Wesley Lakes Elementary has been fortunate to receive several donations from organizations to help provide our students with meaningful and hands-on learning experiences. Items have included individual student kits to grow self-watering plants, book bags with school supplies, and PPE to ensure that we #KeepHenryHealthy.
    We also offer after-school and Saturday school tutorial sessions to remediate and accelerate based on student needs. Our teachers bring learning to life, involving students in real-world applications of problems using hands-on activities. At Wesley Lakes we believe, “you don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing!" said Coach Matt Shockley, former Physical Education Teacher at Wesley Lakes Elementary.

    WLE picClimate and Culture
    We are extremely proud of the experiences we offer for our students, their families, as well as for our staff. Our CARE Team provides positive and compassionate interventions and tools for success in the classroom and beyond. Our Sunshine Committee works hard to support, recognize, and encourage school staff -- we love team-building experiences like food and fellowship and ice cream socials.

    Throughout the year, fun-filled events fill up our calendar such as: Fall Festival, skate nights, dances, Family Fun Night, and math and literacy learning night. In addition to our staff support, we welcome our partners in education into our school and our hearts.
    They enhance our commitment to students and families throughout the year with Adopt-a-Family, Christmas in the Community, Easter baskets, and food box distribution. Finally, we recognize and celebrate our students and their accomplishments year-round with Student of the Month celebrations, student-led announcements, and contests in math and reading.

    We want our students and staff to know that we are confident they can, "go forth and be great because winners are not people who do not fail, but people who never quit." ~2020 TOTY and ESPY, D. Pitts and G. Stocks

    WLE picExtracurriculars
    Wesley Lakes Elementary provides various student activities that promote both academic engagement and social/emotional learning. Students are able to explore opportunities that promote growth in leadership, social interaction, team building, and academic development. When our students are with us face to face, our students are actively involved in sessions that include before, after school, and weekend opportunities for students to participate. During the virtual learning periods that occurred during the previous two school years, we were excited to provide experiences that allowed students to continue to participate in activities through various virtual platforms.
    A few examples of committees and clubs that we offer at Wesley Lakes are School Choir, STEM Saturday, Block Kids Competition, Safety Patrol, Student Ambassadors, Jr. Beta Club, and Diamond Girls, but you can find even more experiences like these when you step inside our school and become a member of our learning community.  
  •  Opportunities

    At Wesley Lakes Elementary we offer a variety of clubs, specials, and advanced enrollment opportunities for our students. You can find our students working together and growing through each of these experiences to be an active member of the learning community at our school.
    Physical Education Junior BETA Accelerated Math 4th Grade
    Art Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Accelerated Math 5th Grade
    Music Safety Patrols  
    Computer Rated PG  
    STEM Diamond Girls  
      STEM Club  
      Student Ambassadors  

  •  Demographic Information


    Wesley Lakes Elementary School’s student demographic information can be found on this dashboard. This information includes total enrollment by grade level, student composition by race/ethnicity, percent of students enrolled in exceptional student education or English language learners or the gifted program, as well as the percentage of students who are currently enrolled in classes at Impact Academy. This information can be used to better understand the student population that is served at Wesley Lakes Elementary.

  •  Student Outcomes


    Wesley Lakes Elementary School’s student outcomes information can be found on this dashboard. This information includes:

    • Georgia Student Health Survey Responses
    • Literacy Proficiency Rates

    The Georgia Student Health Survey is given to all k-12 students in Georgia in the spring of each school year. It is composed of a variety of questions that help our district better understand the student experience in our schools. The literacy information is calculated as the percentage of students reading on or above grade level determined by scores on the Milestones End-of-Grade assessments for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade in English Language Arts. Each of these data components can be viewed for the previous three years. For more information about these measurements, please access the Wesley Lakes Elementary School website.