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    Principal - Sonya Garner Ayannuga 
    Assistant Principal - Sarah Waugh  
    Enrollment* - Total Students - 607   
    Administrators - 2   |   Counselors - 2  |   Certified Staff - 55 

    Mission - Rocky Creek Elementary is a safe, welcoming, and high-performing learning community that equips learners to confidently face challenges and seek opportunities to model the traits of a RACER!

    Vision - Rocky Creek Elementary strives to be a school of excellence where stakeholders work together to prepare students to live, work, and thrive in a global society.


    803 Hampton-Locust Grove Road, Hampton, GA 30228    |   Main# 770.707.1469   |   Fax# 770.946.4385

    *2021-2022 Enrollment

  •  Highlights

    The following school highlights are just a few of the things that make Rocky Creek Elementary School an amazing place to learn and grow! These four items should allow you to see the rigorous learning, diverse experiences, and supportive culture that exists in our school. In Henry County Schools, we believe in giving every student a high quality, world-class education and we believe these highlights display our passion and commitment to do just that.

    RCE picStudent Outcomes
    “Don’t sacrifice quality for convenience!” -Jonda Ward (4th/5th Grade Teacher at RCE)
    At Rocky Creek Elementary, we believe in doing what is best for our students. In order to help students meet their academic goals, our teachers are committed to using research-based practices and HCS created common formative assessments to measure students’ knowledge frequently. Teachers meet weekly in collaborative teams to disaggregate student data in order to provide opportunities for acceleration and remediation in a targeted small group setting. Teachers help students create goals and action steps to monitor their learning progress. Each grade level has set high expectations for monitoring student achievement levels on the MAP assessment. It’s an exceptional time to be an RCE Racer as indicated by our Lexile data based on our MAP data. We grew 9 percentage points for students reading on or above grade level. Several data points are used to create the score for schools, and the most recent College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI) scores from the 2018-2019 school year show RCE increased 13 points from the previous year, with an overall index score of 88.2. 
    In the area of Content Mastery, RCE scored higher than the district and state average with a score of 76.3. In the area of Progress, RCE had a score of 99.1, placing our school above the state and district averages in this domain. In the Closing Gaps domain, RCE scored above the state average with a score of 95.5. In the area of Readiness, RCE again had a score higher than the district and state with a score of 81.5. This places our school in the top 10% of all elementary schools located in Henry County. As our school song expresses, we truly are the best from the East to the West!

    RCE picStudent Opportunities
    Many outstanding opportunities are offered at Rocky Creek Elementary allowing students to express their voice and foster their interests. The extracurricular activities Rocky Creek is best known for are the annual Holiday Programs and our renowned Club Day. The Holiday Programs provide opportunities for students to display their musical and artistic talents. We are extremely proud of the amazing parent and community attendance at each event. According to Lily Sheppart, a student at RCE, “I definitely love participating in the performances. It is always a positive environment and it is just an overall great experience to have to memorize lines and perform in front of others.”

    The third Friday of each month the school is abuzz with excitement. The students cannot wait to attend the club they chose for Club Day. Club Day activities are offered during the school day. Each staff member in the school hosts a club and all students in grades first through fifth select a club to participate in based on student choice and interest. Examples of some clubs offered are dance, STEM Lego building, coding, soccer, tennis, yoga, and cooking. According to Malakai Ramdeen, an RCE student, “I have had so many good experiences and memorable times with friends and teachers. You end up wishing you could be there the whole day.”
    We are so proud that Rocky Creek offers these unique opportunities for students to display their individual talents as well as pursue their individual interests. Rocky Creek is the place where RACERS grow and shine!

    RCE picClimate and Culture
    When Rocky Creek Elementary opened its doors in August of 2009, the RCE stood for Respect, Celebrate, and Excel. Although this mantra has changed over the years, one thing has remained the same… high achievement is paramount, but within that is the importance of celebrating both students and staff.

    RCE prides itself on celebrating the accomplishments of our students. We have implemented Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports otherwise known as PBIS. PBIS celebrates students for meeting behavioral goals with daily, monthly, and semester incentives. Emily Mooradian, a former fourth grade student at RCE says, "PBIS is a great reward for good behavior. It's creative, fun, and each celebration is always something new, like working with clay or the bounce house. I think that you should come to school prepared and with a good mindset so that you can be a part of the PBIS celebration."

    In addition to recognizing behavioral accomplishments, we also recognize academic achievements with our victory lap for meeting assessment goals and/or showing growth.

    When it comes to our staff at RCE, we work hard and play harder. Each month our administrators provide themed treats to our staff to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication. The staff waits in anticipation to see what the theme will be for the month. This helps to shape our culture and climate by celebrating the commitment and sacrifices teachers and staff make every day to meet the needs of all students. Although only two examples are listed here, there are several great things that make the culture and climate awesome at RCE. Rocky Creek is a great place to teach and learn and we all know…ONCE A RACER ALWAYS A RACER!

    RCE pic Extracurriculars
    Teachers and staff at Rocky Creek Elementary work to ensure that all students have access to learning experiences that empower them to excel. Each year, we open our doors and hearts to a new group of RACERS with the endeavor of creating opportunities that cultivate and showcase their unique gifts, talents, and abilities. The Literacy Day Competition is one occasion that RCE uses to spotlight literacy achievement. Each year smiles spread across students’ faces as they walk across the stage to share poetry, drama, and writing. Celebrating success is definitely the Rocky Creek way. “Literacy Day was excitingly suspenseful because I got to challenge myself to perform, but I had to wait to receive the results,” said Maliya Taylor, a former 5th-grade student at RCE. In primary grades, students engage in W.I.N. time (What I Need) to attend to the skills that they need to continue to flourish academically. These data-driven sessions provide remediation and enrichment of English-Language Arts standards.
    In the Rocky Creek Academy, scholars grapple with advanced content in the accelerated math class to excel in problem-solving and computation. “Being in the advanced math class is amazing because it challenges me to persevere when it gets hard” said Lily Sheppard, a former 4th-grade student at RCE. Not only does R.C.E. offer academic opportunities, we also encourage and commend positive behaviors through the school-wide P.B.I.S. plan. Racers live by the motto, “R-respectful, A-accountable, C-compassionate, E-engaged, and R- ready! Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every RACER crosses the finish line to success. 
  •  Opportunities

    At Rocky Creek Elementary we offer a variety of clubs, specials, and advanced enrollment opportunities for our students. You can find our students working together and growing through each of these experiences to be an active member of the learning community at our school.
    Physical Education Junior BETA Accelerated Math 4th Grade
    Art Music/RCE Chorus Accelerated Math 5th Grade
    Music Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl  
    Computer Safety Patrol  
    STEM Relay for Life  
      All Pro Dad  

  •  Demographic Information


    Rocky Creek Elementary School’s student demographic information can be found on this dashboard. This information includes total enrollment by grade level, student composition by race/ethnicity, percent of students enrolled in exceptional student education or English language learners or the gifted program, as well as the percentage of students who are currently enrolled in classes at Impact Academy. This information can be used to better understand the student population that is served at Rocky Creek Elementary.

  •  Student Outcomes


    Rocky Creek Elementary School’s student outcomes information can be found on this dashboard. This information includes:

    • Georgia Student Health Survey Responses
    • Literacy Proficiency Rates

    The Georgia Student Health Survey is given to all k-12 students in Georgia in the spring of each school year. It is composed of a variety of questions that help our district better understand the student experience in our schools. The literacy information is calculated as the percentage of students reading on or above grade level determined by scores on the Milestones End-of-Grade assessments for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade in English Language Arts. Each of these data components can be viewed for the previous three years. For more information about these measurements, please access the Rocky Creek Elementary School website.