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    Principal - Julie Mosley 
    Assistant Principals - Stephanie Lindstrom, Beatrice Holmes
    Enrollment* - Total Students - 667   
    Administrators - 3   |   Counselors - 2  |   Certified Staff - 60 

    Mission - All students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed in a global society

    Vision - Igniting a passion for learning by engaging our community in authentic & enriching experiences


    1550 Stroud Rd., McDonough, GA 30252    |   Main# 770.957.6851   |   Fax# 770.957.2238

    *2021-2022 Enrollment

  •  Highlights

    The following school highlights are just a few of the things that make Rock Spring Elementary School an amazing place to learn and grow! These four items should allow you to see the rigorous learning, diverse experiences, and supportive culture that exists in our school. In Henry County Schools, we believe in giving every student a high quality, world-class education and we believe these highlights display our passion and commitment to do just that.

    RSE picStudent Outcomes
    Rock Spring Elementary students are immersed in opportunities to express creativity through the arts. During the 2021-2022 school year, our Blooming Artist club worked diligently to create fence posting that represents the diverse and cultural importance of representing the whole child and each child at Rock Spring Elementary. This fence posting is at the entrance of our school and mirrors our school purpose statement, which is embedded in the importance of success in a global society. All students will have the opportunity for equitable outcomes as they are valued for their differences and authenticity. Our drama club placed first in the district for their performance and the script was written by our very own gifted teacher and performed by our fifth-grade Rock Spring scholars.  
    Rock Spring's Lego and Vex club was selected to travel to Texas to compete on a national platform this spring. Our teacher, leader of this club, received the prestigious award for his work with our Robotics and Vex club. Rock Spring media scholars also had the opportunity to participate in the district media festival and our school had students win the district media festival award. Scholars also participated in the district's literacy days competition and Rock Spring is committed to the district's strategic action of expanding fine arts opportunities at every level at our school.

    RSE picStudent Opportunities
    A Rock Spring alumni recently shared, “My servant heart was born at Rock Spring Elementary.” Service and community outreach are at the core of our Rock Spring’s mission to mold our young students into active, eager, and interested community members. Throughout the school year, our students have opportunities to participate in a variety of service projects sponsored by our Student Council, such as our annual blanket drive that provides blankets to homeless members of our community, and our annual pajama drive that supports the Raise Me Up Foundation’s commitment to providing new pajamas to every foster child in our area. Also, during the holiday season, we support our elderly community members by spreading holiday cheer at local assisted living facilities. Our chapter of the Junior Beta Club, along with our school’s Relay for Life team, sponsor our annual Tree of Hope during the holiday season, our monthly hat days, and our annual Mini Relay event that encourages our Rock Spring family to support cancer survivors in our community, along with raising money for the American Cancer Society and the CURE childhood cancer foundation. In addition, through our physical education department, our Rock Spring family has the opportunity to participate in the Kids’ Heart Challenge that supports the American Heart Association.
    Lastly, we are committed supporters of Henry County’s Ferst Foundation and their commitment to early childhood literacy and raising readers. Our Rock Spring family has countless opportunities throughout the year to give back and support the community that is our home.

    RSE picClimate and Culture
    The academic subjects and Second-Step Program are exploratory processes of imagining, innovating, and developing skills for social and academic success. We have real-world, fun, learning experiences such as taking apart real owl pellets to learn how owls digest food. The students took the bones out of the remnants and put them together to see what animal the owl had eaten. What an amazing hands-on learning opportunity! Another real-world learning opportunity with non-fiction text structures was making a magazine about a preferred (student choice) subject. The students had to design a magazine with the different text structures as the various pages. This fun and engaging project made the text structures stick to their memory. A final real-world learning experience was the math Geometry Town project. During the learning of shapes, angles, and their attributes, the students had to create a town using criteria such as the town had to have four parallel streets and two intersecting streets. The town had to have a playground with at least two right angles and a swimming pool with two acute angles. The students were able to practice using a protractor during the project. As interventions and supports must be in place to be successful, goal-setting is also a part of the Rock Spring classrooms. The students set these goals with their teacher, based on each student's knowledge of the standards.

    Second-Step is a consistent part of each class that is essentially Skills for Social and Academic Success. According to students, they learn to control their feelings and learn to belly breathe. They also learn to solve problem situations. They are learning to count to help calm down and are learning the empathy song and the calm down song. There are many supports in place for the students. Not only are these things helpful in the classroom with classmates but also can be applied out in the real world. Within the Second-Step Program, there are units such as 'Skills for learning', 'Empathy', 'Emotion Management', and 'Problem Solving'. Within each unit, there are steps that are discussed such as Say the problem(without blame), Think of solutions(safe and respectful), Explore Consequences(what could happen if. . .), and Pick the best solution(make your plan). These are our exploratory processes of imagining, innovating, and developing skills for social and academic success.

    RSE pic Extracurriculars
    At RSE, we strive to ignite a passion for learning in and out of the classroom. We pride ourselves in offering students opportunities to grow their passion and excitement in many different academic areas. We love that so many Roadrunners have been a part of clubs such as Lego League, Robotics, Chess Club, Reading Bowl, Media Festival, and Student Council. Amazing teachers lead these clubs and enjoy spending extra time with students who want to expand their knowledge and use their amazing talents in a special way. Several of these clubs also go on to compete against local schools to show off their skills, and we are proud to say that RSE has received many trophies, awards, and recognition for these clubs. This is also a great opportunity to support students’ social and emotional learning.
    One former student said, “As a member of some Rock Spring clubs such as Lego Robotics League and Chess Club, I was able to make many new friends and establish connections that I still keep to this day.” We also offer Honor Choir, as well as put on an extraordinary school musical every spring. Students have the opportunity to audition for both of these clubs, and once again put their talents on display for students, families, and our community. The school musical is something we take a lot of pride in, and it is evident every year as thousands of people see our show! Passion for learning begins here at RSE! 
  •  Opportunities

    At Rock Spring Elementary we offer a variety of clubs, specials, and advanced enrollment opportunities for our students. You can find our students working together and growing through each of these experiences to be an active member of the learning community at our school.
    Physical Education ROCK News Accelerated Math 4th Grade
    Art Junior BETA Accelerated Math 5th Grade
    Music Lego League  
    Computer Student Council  

  •  Demographic Information


    Rock Spring Elementary School’s student demographic information can be found on this dashboard. This information includes total enrollment by grade level, student composition by race/ethnicity, percent of students enrolled in exceptional student education or English language learners or the gifted program, as well as the percentage of students who are currently enrolled in classes at Impact Academy. This information can be used to better understand the student population that is served at Rock Spring Elementary.

  •  Student Outcomes


    Rock Spring Elementary School’s student outcomes information can be found on this dashboard. This information includes:

    • Georgia Student Health Survey Responses
    • Literacy Proficiency Rates

    The Georgia Student Health Survey is given to all k-12 students in Georgia in the spring of each school year. It is composed of a variety of questions that help our district better understand the student experience in our schools. The literacy information is calculated as the percentage of students reading on or above grade level determined by scores on the Milestones End-of-Grade assessments for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade in English Language Arts. Each of these data components can be viewed for the previous three years. For more information about these measurements, please access the Rock Spring Elementary School website.