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    Principal - Elyse Mercedes Durden 
    Assistant Principal - Dr. Gwyneth Francis  
    Enrollment* - Total Students - 508   
    Administrators - 2   |   Counselors - 2  |   Certified Staff - 52 

    Mission - Inspiring Greatness, One Child at a Time

    Vision - We are persistent, We are active learners, We are proactive, We are problem solvers, We are risk takers, We are influential, We are LEADERS!


    1201 Old Conyers Rd., Stockbridge, GA 30281   |   Main# 770.474.9983   |   Fax# 770.474.6959

    *2021-2022 Enrollment

  •  Highlights

    The following school highlights are just a few of the things that make Cotton Indian Elementary School an amazing place to learn and grow! These four items should allow you to see the rigorous learning, diverse experiences, and supportive culture that exists in our school. In Henry County Schools, we believe in giving every student a high quality, world-class education and we believe these highlights display our passion and commitment to do just that.

    CIE picStudent Outcomes
    Leader in Me is based on a theory of change known as the See-Do-Get Cycle. When we change the way we See things, it influences what we Do and the results we Get. At Cotton Indian Elementary, students and staff members set WIGs (wildly important goals) in order to track achievement in both personal and academic areas. The teachers at CIE are evaluators of our impact on student learning. We see assessments as informing our impact and next steps. We use that information to collaborate with our peers and our students about misconceptions of progress and our impact. We explicitly inform students what successful impact looks like from the outset. In turn, our students are able to articulate what they are learning and why. They are able to identify standards that they continue to struggle with, and ask for help.                                                                                                             
    Cotton Indian has adopted the 4DX approach. From Kindergarten to 5th grade students, 4 DX is a goal achieving system that Leader in me uses to get sustainable results, over and over again. We identify lead measures to help us reach our goals. We track our progress with visual scoreboards and we have accountability partners. We also celebrate reaching our goals. It is a great moment when a student is able to ring the bell as signal to the school that they have met a goal. Teachers and students take pride in the accomplishment.

    CIE picStudent Opportunities
    Leadership is of significant importance at Cotton Indian Elementary. "Leadership is how we do business!." can be heard from the teachers at CIE. Prior to the implementation of Leader in Me, students did not exhibit behaviors indicative of student leaders. Since we implemented the seven habits of highly effective people and the five core paradigms of Leader in Me, while engaging in an increase in the consistent usage of the habits and core paradigms, CIE has seen a decrease in school discipline referrals. This has led to a 57% decrease in ISS/OSS days. In essence, students are spending more time in the classroom receiving direct instruction. Under the guidance of Leader In Me, our students engage as much in dialogue as monologue.
    Students are given a degree of control over their learning so that they can engage in conversations that focus on learning and the language of learning. Above all, each student and staff member at CIE strive for challenge and not merely doing our best.

    CIE picClimate and Culture
    Leader in Me is the Culture at CIE. Teachers and staff embrace the seven habits in all aspects of teaching and learning at CIE. Each habit builds on the other. At any time you will find teachers and students being proactive. Educators teach the language of being proactive instead of reactive so that students can apply proactive language to various situations, thus decreasing the need for external discipline. Teachers and students begin with the end in mind. Simply stated, this means that every endeavor begins with clearly defined outcomes. This relies on our ability to envision, see potential, and create with our mind what we cannot presently see with our eyes. Teachers and students put first things first. This is the habit of personal management. This allows students to set priorities to attack goals. Think Win Win is the next habit. This is an attitude towards life. All leaders face conflict. Think win-win provides a path for resolving conflict with courage. In an effort to embrace the mindset of win win, students are taught to seek first to understand then to be understood. It forces each of us to think of someone other than ourselves.

    At Cotton Indian, we look forward to the opportunity to synergize. We celebrate differences and allow our differences to build ideas. Finally, each student and teacher identify ways to sharpen the saw. The heart, body, brain, and soul all need to be balanced and renewed so that we can be "sharp" as we tackle the hard work ahead of us. Therefore, every day begins with a mindfulness activity to set the tone for our day.

    CIE pic Extracurriculars
    Empower students to find and use their voice! That is what clubs and extracurricular activities are all about at CIE. Service-learning creates opportunities for students to actively apply academic and leadership skills for the benefit of others. Service-learning projects can be simple or complex, big or small, in-person or virtual, collaborative or individual. Students combine their talents, strengths, and passions to partake in projects and teams. Encouraging students to embody their passions helps change the teacher from instructor to facilitator.
    It permits students to be creators by taking control and owning their learning. High interest and creativity are also areas of focus for extracurricular activities. The students enjoy the challenge or competition that motivates them to be their best selves. 
  •  Opportunities

    At Cotton Indian Elementary we offer a variety of clubs, specials, and advanced enrollment opportunities for our students. You can find our students working together and growing through each of these experiences to be an active member of the learning community at our school.
    Physical Education   Accelerated Math 4th Grade
    Art   Accelerated Math 5th Grade

  •  Demographic Information


    Cotton Indian Elementary School’s student demographic information can be found on this dashboard. This information includes total enrollment by grade level, student composition by race/ethnicity, percent of students enrolled in exceptional student education or English language learners or the gifted program, as well as the percentage of students who are currently enrolled in classes at Impact Academy. This information can be used to better understand the student population that is served at Cotton Indian Elementary.

  •  Student Outcomes


    Cotton Indian Elementary School’s student outcomes information can be found on this dashboard. This information includes:

    • Georgia Student Health Survey Responses
    • Literacy Proficiency Rates

    The Georgia Student Health Survey is given to all k-12 students in Georgia in the spring of each school year. It is composed of a variety of questions that help our district better understand the student experience in our schools. The literacy information is calculated as the percentage of students reading on or above grade level determined by scores on the Milestones End-of-Grade assessments for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade in English Language Arts. Each of these data components can be viewed for the previous three years. For more information about these measurements, please access the Cotton Indian Elementary School website.