4th Grade Supply List

  • 2 sets earbuds (replace as needed)

    1 pencil pouch 

    48 pencils (Ticonderoga, pre-sharpened, if possible) 

    5 wide-ruled composition notebooks 

    4 plastic folders with pockets and brads-any color 

    1 scissors (restock as needed) 

    8 Elmer’s glue sticks (restock as needed)

    2 packs notebook paper (wide-ruled) - Check with teacher

    2-4 highlighters (different colors) 

    1 box of crayons- Crayola (24 pack) (restock as needed) 

    2 packs of chunky erasers (not cap erasers)-(restock as needed)

    1 no spill water bottle 

    3 boxes Kleenex

    Paper Towels


    Wish List:

    -Colored copy paper 

    -White Copy Paper


    -Ziploc Freezer Bags (Gallon, Quart, & Snack) 

    -Individually wrapped candy