•   Fine Arts Research

    Always start your research with reliable reference sources, like  GALILEO . The 2 best databases to start with in GALILEO are Encyclopaedia Britannica and SIRS Discoverer . After you find information in GALILEO when you search Google you'll already have some facts on your topic so you won't be as easily fooled by "fake news."

    You don't need a password for GALILEO at UGMS, but when you search at home or beyond school you'll need the password, which changes every semester. The GALILEO password is in Infinite Campus under Messages.

    Cite your sources! Always include where you found your information, whether it is in print or online, images/videos or articles. UGMS uses the MLA Citation Style, which is what order you put the author, title, date, etc. and GALILEO does all the work, you only have to cut and paste or copy it. If the information is from Google you'll have to type it in, using one of the online citation makers.

Last Modified on April 21, 2022