• If this is your first time using this site, please use the following link to register for the portal: https://aka.ms/ssprsetup

    If you forgot your password please use this link: https://aka.ms/sspr

    To change or update your password please use this link: https://account.activedirectory.windowsazure.com/ChangePassword.aspx

    Password policy
    • The password must be a passphrase (a string of words that only you know) that is at least 12 characters and must contain 3 out of the following 4: 
    • UPPER CASE letters 
    • lower case letters 
    • numbers (0-9) 
    • special characters (example: !@#$%^& and others) 

    Note:  You cannot reuse 2 previous passwords. 


    • No staff passwords will be changed over the phone.  Technicians may only assist employees in person AND the employee must use the Password Portal on-site.   


    Helpful Tips: 

    1. Don't use numbers in sequential order for your password. It's like when you count 1, 2, 3 – that's too easy for someone to guess! 


    1. Don't use simple words from the dictionary, especially not "password." It's like having a secret code, but if you use an easy word, it's like having no code at all! 


    1. Make your password like a secret message. Instead of just using a regular sentence, mix in some letters, numbers, and special symbols. It's like making your secret code stronger and harder for others to figure out! 
    1. Click here to watch a short video about strong passwords.