Family Guide

  • Every family wants their child to experience success in school. The start of your child’s educational career can be filled with many emotions. For many children, this is the first time they will experience an educational setting. Below are some suggestions to help prepare your child for Kindergarten.

  • Get READY for School 

    Encourage your child to:

    • Express emotions in appropriate ways. Explain feelings in words your child can understand and encourage your child to do the same.
    • Button and zip clothing items, dress independently, and tie shoes.
    • Listen carefully and follow directions.
    • Set a regular bedtime routine to include reading to your child.

    Get INVOLVED at School

    We encourage you to: 

    • Actively support school activities.
    • Participate in the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).
    • Talk with your child about school on a daily basis.
    • Take interest in your child’s learning and encourage your child to share learning experiences at home.
    • Visit your child's school website for updates and information about school activities.

    Get READY to LEARN

    To prepare for learning: 

    • Ask and answer questions to enrich your child’s vocabulary and understanding of the world.
    • Engage in rich discussion about books as well as what is going on around them.
    • While reading, encourage your child to follow along by pointing to words and pictures on the page. Identify interesting words or images to grab attention.
    • After reading or viewing your child’s favorite television show, encourage your child to retell the story identifying characters, the location, and events that take place.
    • Practice identifying letters and sounds when writing first and last names or other words, reading books, watching television, or when visiting places in the community.
    • Count basic items and identify numbers 0-20 as you read, or when completing routines like grocery shopping, cleaning the house or preparing dinner.
    • Identify basic shapes and colors of items around the house, in nature or any place you visit.
    • Praise and encourage your child for all efforts and make learning fun!