• Adult Education Classes:



    High School Equivalency/GED Opportunities

    Henry County Schools believe strong families are the foundation of our community. Cultivating solid community relationships is essential for the growth of all learners. Henry County Schools is partnering with Southern Crescent Technical College to provide free GED & HiSET preparation classes to prepare adult learners to take either the GED or HiSET. Participants will receive individualized assignments in either a small or large group setting. Regular assessment on reading and math skills will be provided to participants to determine when they are ready to take the exam. Participants 16 years of age or older are eligible to enroll in the program. Learners will be provided books and materials are free of charge. Classes are located at the Henry County Learning and Support Center. To receive additional information and to sign up Click Here

    Workforce Readiness Training

    Henry County Schools is committed to fostering connections between families and the community. To prepare our community for the workforce, we are partnering with Connecting Henry to provide free job preparation training. Adult learners will work on developing a cover letter and resume, face to face and virtual interviewing techniques, utilizing soft skills in the work environment, branding and many more skills. Each training lasts for 2 weeks. Classes are located at the Henry County Learning and Support Center. Training will begin in March 2022. To register for the training, please call: 770-274-3642.

    Adult English Language Learner classes

    Free adult ELL classes are offered for participants interested in developing their language skills in English. Classes are designed to provide participants with the skills to understand the English language for work or to assist their children with school. Participants will receive instruction and practice with speaking, writing and understanding the English language. Beginners and Intermediate classes are offered. A placement test is provided to all participants to determine the most appropriate class for their level. Materials are free and classes are located at the Henry County Leaning and Support Center. For additional information, please click here

    Adult Basic Literacy and Math Skills

    Henry County is committed to unifying excellence in public education. We understand parents are their children’s first teachers. Henry County Schools is steadfast in its quest to provide opportunities to our community. In an effort to create partnerships to strengthen the learning environment between parents and their children, HCS is offering classes to assist parents with improving their learning skills. Improving basic reading and math skills can also be the first step towards increasing job opportunities. If you are interested in improving your basic reading and math skills, please click here to complete an interest survey.