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    School of Scholars

    The Henry County School of Scholars Program is a general education therapeutic behavior Intervention program for students in grades K-5 who experience wellness and behavioral challenges in the traditional school environment. Intervening early to provide students with the tools and skills to replace negative behaviors with positive responses is the primary goal for the School of Scholars. Assisting students with developing a growth mindset while encouraging them to be partners in their success is saturated throughout the School of Scholars Program. The program provides a safe and supportive environment which emphasizes small class sizes and individualized support. Parental involvement in the success of their child is the key to ensuring the tools and skills learned in the program transfers to the home environment. Upon enrollment, students will experience a structured environment designed to create a positive and restorative climate that will reduce triggers, teach and model positive behaviors, reinforce therapeutic support and foster academic growth. The School of Scholars is a referral based program.