• Research Using

     GALILEO  thousands of eBooks, websites, videos and articles in encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines & primary sources. You can search all of GALILEO at once, or narrow your search by using one of the GALILEO databases below:

    Encyclopaedia Britannica - excellent place to start all research for background information, with links to video, images and websites, to supplement the articles.

    SIRS Discoverer
    GALILEO eBooks
    Science Reference Center
    Points of View Reference Center
    LearningExpress Library

    If you need more information than what you find in one of the above GALILEO databases, then search the entire GALILEO.

    GALILEO is better than Google because the information is reliable and safe, you can copy/paste the completed MLA citation and you can save the articles, images, etc. to your Google drive. 

    If you have any problems or questions, email Ms Roberts.




Last Modified on October 6, 2023