Clarinet and Saxophone students will need to play Vandoren size 2.5 reeds. I recommend buying them in a box of 10. Students are required to have three good reeds with them at all times, and they go through them faster than you may think. They are much cheaper when you buy them in boxes of 10. I also highly recommend a reed case/reed guard that holds multiple reeds. This will prolong the life of the reeds.

    Here are links to the reeds you will need to purchase (make sure to select strength 2.5):

    Clarinet Reeds

    Saxophone Reeds



    Even though your instrument will come with a amouthpiece, please try your best to provide your student with the following mouthpieces to give them the best possible start:

    Clarinet and Saxophone - Yamaha 5C

    Trumpet - Bach 5C

    French Horn - Holton Farkus MDC

    Trombone and Euphonium - Shilke 51C4

    Tuba - Conn Hellburg or Bach 18

    You can ask any band instrument dealer or look online for these items.