Welcome Back PCE Family!


    I am Tiffany Tucker, your Parent Engagement Liaison (PEL). I look forward to an EXCEPTIONAL year of serving you, the PCE family, and the community! Pates' Creek Elementary is thrilled and enthusiastic to be the ambassador of your Title 1 school for the 2023 - 2024 year.

    The Title 1 program strives for excellence in service and is committed to its partnership to empower parents, students, families, educators, and the community by providing valuable resources to accomplish our communal goal of educating the entire child to ensure student achievement and success. This investment has proven to be phenomenal and has yielded milestones in educational improvement with grades, test scores, social skills, behavior, and attitude.

    We provide many valuable resources to help achieve our students', teachers', and parents' educational goals. We have an array of books, manipulatives, flashcards, puzzles, games, and interactive activities that may assist with the learning process.  We also have a computer center dedicated to our parents and students. This year we will present seminars, workshops, classes, and events that promote parent, family, teacher, and student engagement. 

    It is my pleasure to be a part of this unique program and a cherished member of the PCE family. Our PCE Parent & Family Resource Center is located at Pate's Creek Elementary in room 106. We are open Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.   We are also adding online services soon.  Expect Exceptionally! 



    Tiffany Tucker

    Parent Involvement Professional


    Contact information:

    Parent & Family Resource Center 

    1309 Jodeco Rd., Room 106

    Stockbridge, Ga 30281