SAE Information

  • Agriculture education is built around a 3-ring model.  The three components are 1) Classroom instruction, 2) FFA, and 3) Supervised Agriculture Experience.  Below is a brief introduction to what an SAE is and its purpose:

    What is an SAE?

    SAE is a project that students must complete outside of the regular school day.  The SAE project must include using agricultural knowledge or skills in some capacity.  The possibilities for SAE projects are seemingly endless.  

    What are the requirements?

    The project must include agriculturally related tasks, jobs, activities, research, etc.

    You must complete a total of 30 hours throughout the year.

    You must document all of your activities and time spent on the project in the AET record book (found at

    You must have a total of 10 pictures showing the progression of your project.  You must be in the pictures actively participating. 

    Why do I need to do an SAE?

    It is your final exam grade (20%) for all agriculture classes. 

    It allows you to gain skills and knowledge in agriculture outside of the classroom.

    It allows you to explore careers in agriculture.