• Accountable Considerate Enthusiastic Safe


    Woodland High School is excited to introduce PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) to our students this year.  We've chosen A.C.E.S as our school PBIS motto to encourage students and staff to be accountable, considerate, enthusiastic, and safe.

    A.C.E.S. Faculty Team Members

    PBIS School Level Administrator - Jameel Howard

    PBIS Coach - Melissa Bell

    Behavior Data Analyst/SPOTLIGHT - Jameel Howard

    Mental Health-Wellness Facilitator/CARE Team Lead - LaFreya Ponder

    PBIS Partnership Developer - Dr. Renee Williams

    PBIS Youth Ambassador Facilitator - DeAnna Miller-Wooden

    PBIS Communications Facilitator - Jennifer Smith

    PBIS Action Plan Archiver/Recorder - Antwuan Satterwhite