• Paid Parental Leave (PPL) –Effective July 1, 2024

    State of Georgia House Bill 146 (July 1, 2021) and House Bill 1010 (July 1, 2024)


    What is Paid Parental Leave

    Paid Parental Leave (PPL) is a Georgia state law, updated on July 1, 2024, providing up to 240 hours of paid leave in a rolling 12- month period (not charged again an employee’s accrued Sick Leave) to employing entities of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of state government and location board of education for the following reasons:

    • Birth of an employee’s child
    • Placement of a minor child for adoption with an employee
    • Placement of a minor child for foster care with an employee

    Eligible Employees

    Employees who are classified as full-time are eligible after six continuous months of employment.  An employee paid on an hourly basis must have worked 700 hours in the six month preceding the date of the requested leave.

    Specific Details

    • Must be taken within 12 months of the initial qualifying event
    • The rolling 12-month period shall be measured from the date the eligible employee first uses Paid Parental Leave.
    • Shall run concurrent with any leave provided under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or AEL
    • The maximum amount of PPL that may be taken by an eligible employee during a rolling 12-month period is 240 hours regardless of the number of qualifying evens that occur during such period.
    • PPL may be taken as needed and may be taken in increments of less than 8 hours (Intermittent Leave)
    • May not be taken for appointments
    • Any unused Paid Parental Leave that remains 12-month after the qualifying event shall not carry over for future use
    • Unused Paid Parental Leave shall have no cash value at any time of the eligible employee’s separation from employment.

    How To Apply

    Paid Parental Leave will be considered when the request is related to the birth, adoption, or foster care of a child for FMLA.   Click here for instructions on submitting a request.

    Additional Questions

    Contact the FMLA office in Human Resource Services at 770-957-6601 or email fmla@henry.k12.ga.us