Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Jisela Barbara Martinez (AKA - DOC)

I have been teaching for 31 years now.  I absolutely love what I do!!! I have taught pre-K through university levels.  I have one very bright son, who works in the medical field here in Georgia, and a wonderful, smart daughter with two amazing beautiful granddaughters, along with their father, who live in Alaska. They are an ARMY family, and will be there for the next two years.  (Now you know where I will be taking all my vacations, for the next two years at least!!!)  My husband also works for Henry County Schools, and we enjoy traveling...ANYWHERE!!!  This picture is me in Alaska, summer of 2023. I was born in New Jersey, moved to Miami when I was 9, and moved to Georgia in 2007 after hurricanes Willma and Katrina destroyed our home. Although I absolutely love it here, I do miss the beach and going out boating every weekend!