• Hello! We are SO EXCITED to teach you next year!
    Music theory is broken into two different sections: ear training and theory. For ear
    training we listen to music and sing. For theory, we read and write music. Instead
    of the usual huge packet of summer work for the class, Mrs. Forehand and I only
    need you to learn a few things prior to the start of the 2024-2025 school year
    for music theory. 

    To be successful in the fall, you need to be able to:

    Ear Training:
    1. Sing a major scale using solfege from memory. (Do Re Me Fa Sol La Ti Do) THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT!!!!
    2. Sing a chromatic minor scale using solfege from memory.
    - The solfege syllables for the ascending scale are Do- Di- Re- Ri- Mi- Fa- Fi- Sol- Si- La- Li- Ti- Do
    - The solfege syllables for the descending scale are Do- Ti- Te- La- Le- Sol- Se- Fa- Mi- Me- Re- Ra- Do
    1. Know the notes in treble, alto, and bass clef.
    2. Have all major and minor key signatures memorized. (I recommend Alfred’s Essentials
    of Music Theory: Key signature flash cards from amazon) THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT !!!!!!! Key signatures are a make-or-break skill.
    3. Understand and be able to draw the circle of fifths.
    4. MusicTheory.net is a great way to "test yourself" to see if you really understand everything. 
     Attached are worksheets that just EXPLAIN how to do the work. There are 6 summer assignments that will be homework in the first few weeks of class. 

    AP Music Theory Packet

    What is Music Theory?

    Notation- Pitch

    The Major Scale

    Key Signatures

    The Circle of fifths

    Staves and Clefs


    Enjoy your
    summer break!
    Jennifer Bain & Mindy Forehand



    What is Music Theory?

    Notation- Pitch

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