What can E-SPLOST do for our district?
  • Safety & Security

    Safety & Security

    Henry County Schools is committed to enhancing and upgrading safety and security measures. E-SPLOST VI will provide all schools with Security Access Controls to ensure buildings are secure.

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  • Technology


    Technology quickly becomes outdated and in need of a refresh approximately five years after being introduced.
    E-SPLOST VI funds will refresh the current 1:1 technology across the district and provide other necessary
    upgrades to support digital infrastructure and access for all students and sta.

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  • Transportation


    Buses and modernized transportation maintenance facilities are essential to ensuring our students can get to and from school, as well as other learning opportunities and extracurricular activities outside of the school.

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  • Resources/Instructional Support

    Resources/Instructional Support

    E-SPLOST funds can be used for instructional resource purchases, and this will be a focus of E-SPLOST 6. Additionally, the funds collected will support growth and replacement of key resources for fine arts, health/PE, and Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education courses.

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  • New Construction

    New Construction

    The current E-SPLOST VI proposal includes the construction of one district-wide STEM High School, two elementary schools, a transportation facility, and a district administration building. The STEM high school would be open to any student in the district wishing to enroll there, while the two elementary schools ease population growth in targeted areas in the county. The new administration building will provide much needed space to alleviate overcrowding and cramped conditions at the current district administration building.

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