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    World History 


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    Course Description

    This course is a survey of World History from 3600 BCE to the present. Some topics include the development of ancient civilizations, classical civilizations, world religions, the Renaissance and Reformation, and Revolutions. Additionally, broad historical themes will be analyzed to demonstrate how past events continue to affect contemporary events. The course will be taught using a wide variety of instructional strategies including: traditional lecture/discussion format, small group discussion, paired peer tutors, individual research and discovery, and will introduce a variety of primary and secondary historical sources with an emphasis on analytical skills needed to interpret them.

    Materials Needed

            ⮚ Chromebook (FULLY CHARGED)                            ⮚  Notebook

            ⮚ Pens (blue/black ink)                                           ⮚ HMH resources (online text) on Launchpad

    Class Procedures

    1.     Be on time! Log onto Google Classroom for attendance 

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    3.     Follow all instructions given when given the first time; ask for clarification if not understood. The ability to follow directions is a quality that will be crucial to your academic and professional careers.

    4.     Plagiarism (cheating, copying others’ work, looking up answers during a test) and other forms of academic dishonesty are not tolerated. Such an infringement will result in an irreplaceable zero in the gradebook.


    Grading Calculations


    Formative any assessment that demonstrates mastery over a topic or concept (i.e., guided reading/essay/quiz)


    Summative an assessment over all the standards learned in a unit or topic (i.e., Test/Project)


    End of Course Test/Final Exam


    Formative/Summative (80%) + EOC (20%) =

    Students Course Final Average (100%)



    Make-Up/ Late Work Policy

    Students will have until the following Friday at 3:00 pm to turn in late/missing assignments.

     o Ex: If your assignment was due Thursday, August 5, 2021, you will have until Friday, August 13, 2021, to turn it in. Any work not turned in at that time will be accepted at the instructor's discretion with a 50% penalty.


    Remote Learning Attendance Policy

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    Teacher to Parent Contact

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                      Course Weekly Pacing Guide




    Ancient Civilizations 3600 BCE-500 AD

    08/09 – 08/13

    Unit 1

    Week 1

    Birth of Civilizations 



    Classical Period 1200BCE-455

    08/16 - 08/20

    Unit 2

    Week 2

    Chinese and Indian Societies 

    08/23 – 08/27

    Unit 2

    Week 3

    Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome



    Post Classical Period 455-1500

    08/30 – 09/03

    Unit 3

    Week 4

    Byzantine & Mongols Empire 

    09/06 – 09/10

    *09/06 – Labor Day

    Unit 3

    Week 5


    09/13 – 09/17

    Unit 3

    Week 6


    Fall Break

    09/27 – 10/01

    Unit 4

    Week 7

    Americas/ Exploration

    10/04 – 10/08

    *10/08 - ERD

    Unit 4

    Week 8

    Renaissance and Reformation




    10/11 – 10/15

    *10/11-10/13 - ERD

    Unit 4

    Week 9

    Imperial China and Feudal Japan

    10/18 /10/22

    *10/22 - Interim

    Unit 4

    Week 10

    Islamic States 

    10/25 – 10/29

    Unit 5

    Week 11

    Age of Reason

    11/01 – 11/05

    *11/02: PDD

    Unit 5

    Week 12

    Rebellion & Revolutions 

    11/08 – 11/12

    Unit 6

    Week 13


    11/15 – 11/19

    Unit 6

    Week 14

    Imperialism & Nationalism 




    Thanksgiving Break

    11/29 – 12/03

    Unit 7

    Week 15

    World War I/ Russian Revolution

    12/06 – 12/10

    Unit 7

    Week 16

    Interwar Period 1914-1939 / World War II

    12/13 – 12/17

    Unit 8

    Week 17

    Cold War/ Sixties – Contemporary

    12/20 – 12/22


    Final Exam

    **Note: PDD: Teacher Professional Development Day/ ERL: Student Early Release Day**












    Course Learning Objective


    Students will demonstrate understanding of the political, social, economic, or cultural dimensions of world history.


    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the commonalities and differences among two or more societies, nations, or cultures outside of the United States in regard to any of the following: language, literature, aesthetics, politics, economics, or social and cultural practices.


    Students will demonstrate general knowledge of trends and issues in global history.


    Students will demonstrate improved abilities in processing and analyzing information from different historical sources.


    Students will demonstrate improved skills at crafting written arguments based on information from historical sources.



    Miscellaneous Information  

    Because learning is remote and you have a lot of flexibility, there should be no excuse for work not to be turned in. You are responsible for your own learning. I am merely the facilitator of information.


    As you review your notes or watch videos, be sure to write down any questions you may have.

    Email me or ask during office hours. I am here for you. Let’s do this!





    Cheating Policy

    If a student is caught cheating, they will get a phone call home, a zero for the assignment/exam and they cannot redo/retake their assignment/exam.


    What counts as cheating:

    1         Plagiarism: Plagiarism is the use of someone else’s work without their permission, or citation.

    2         Looking up answers during a test or quiz

    3         Having the exact same answers as another student